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Thés et Traditions offers you a wide range of organic teas, made with love and passion. Discover bold and original blends of flavors, which will delight all epicureans in search of novelty. Especially for you, we have searched the four corners of the world for rare teas from remote and preserved plantations. Character, flavor, delicacy: these are our criteria for selecting a quality tea.


Black tea from Africa. A full-bodied and aromatic flavor

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Victime de son succès

Green tea with rose petals and fruits: greedy and exotic

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You like to enjoy tea at any time of the day but you don't necessarily know all the types of teas available? Thés et Traditions offers you a multitude of teas, with the aim of satisfying your personality and your tastes. What is the best type of tea for you?

How do you know what type of tea to choose?

We need to drink at least 1.5 liters of water every day. Drinking tea can greatly help you to reach these proportions. Before knowing which tea to choose according to your situation, it is important to remind you of the 5 types of teas that exist. First of all, there is black tea. Black teas are often flavored with flowers, essential oils or dried fruits. Then comes green tea. Green tea is often used in diets, especially for its ability to promote digestion. The type of white tea is a light tea made from buds. It is rarer and therefore more expensive to buy in general. However, it contains less fluorine than black tea for example, which makes it an asset. Oolong tea is a kind of intermediary between green and black tea with its partly fermented composition. It is important to know that it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Finally, rooibos is interesting because it is not composed of theine and it is also rich in antioxidants.

Types of Chinese teas

As we have just seen, there are different types of teas to consume according to your desires and needs. Regarding the different types of Chinese tea, we recommend green tea like Chun Mee tea for example. Do you prefer black tea? Then choose the Golden Yunnan GFOP which is slightly smoked and strong in character. As for white teas, we can only recommend Paï Mu Tan tea which is distinguished by its finesse and quality. The types of Chinese tea are varied and their flavors transport you immediately.

Types of Japanese teas

Japan offers a multitude of types of green tea. The different types of Japanese tea are steamed, which is what makes them so special. The leaf that makes up the tea does not undergo any processing, for a unique flavor. Japanese teas are often slightly bitter and have vegetal notes. To begin your introduction to Japanese teas, we recommend Genmaicha Japanese tea, with its delicate and light notes. You can also try the organic Moga Cha tea rich in vitamin C and catechin. Its virtues are particularly interesting for your health and your skin.