Maté, the queen drink of Brazil

In South America, the mate has always been a popular and convivial drink that is enjoyed throughout the day, whatever the occasion. The leaves and infused stems of different varieties of holly are said to have medicinal and even magical properties. Its high caffeine content makes mate infusion particularly stimulating. It is also rich in vitamin C, magnesium, calcium and iron. Its satiating action makes it a drink of choice for fasting.

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What is mate ?

Mate is not a tea, but an herbal tea. This hot drink from South America is prepared from dried leaves of yerba mate. This plant originating from Paraguay belongs to the holly family. Just like tea and coffee, green mate is a beverage rich in caffeine. The Brazilian mate takes its name from the bowl in which it is consumed. It is also called Jesuit tea or Paraguay tea because of its South American origins. Rich in antioxidants, it can be consumed daily for its energizing properties. However, if you are prone to insomnia, avoid consuming mate in the evening, as this natural stimulant could prevent you from falling asleep.

Why buy mate?

Mate comes in the form of dried leaves that need to be steeped in water. Originally, mate leaves were simply chewed to extract all their benefits. This stimulating drink is particularly suitable for breakfast. It helps to fight effectively against physical fatigue, helps to fight against headaches. Rich in antioxidants, green mate is a healthy drink like green tea.

Origin of greenmate or Brazilian mate

Mate comes from the Yerba mate, a bush close to the common holly that grows mainly in the mountainous forests of Paraguay and Brazil. The green mate tea is a traditional drink consumed by the Guarani Indians since the dawn of time. Rich in caffeine, it has the same virtues as tea or coffee. It was the Jesuit missionaries who spread the cultivation of mate in South America, which is why it is also called Jesuit tea. The yerba mate leaf is roasted and then ground before being brewed in a bowl called mate.

Maté or green tea to lose weight?

Like green tea, mate is an excellent appetite suppressant. It also has a very interesting draining action during a slimming diet or during a detox cure. Green mate also has the property to stimulate digestion. This natural detoxifier is particularly indicated during a young person, because its caffeine content confers stimulating and tonic virtues. It allows to fight effectively against tiredness. Using mate to lose weight helps the body to evacuate toxins, but also to avoid fatigue induced by fasting or dieting.