Black tea

Green tea was the exclusive drink until the 19th century. Then, black tea spread thanks to the English who produced it in their colonies. Today, black tea is more and more widespread. It is traditionally produced in China, India and Sri Lanka. Whether it is the flowery Darjeeling, the spicy Assam, the fruity and powerful Ceylon, black teas are always different, cup after cup. Black tea has undergone complete oxidation, so it can be kept for many years without losing its flavor. It has very fine aromas and is much higher in theine than other teas.


Black tea from Africa. A full-bodied and aromatic flavor

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BIO Cassis

Sparkling and wild composition for a pure moment of greediness

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Our black teas, whether Assam, Ceylon or Earl Grey, are all carefully cultivated with perfectly healthy leaves.

Black teas from China, India, Sri Lanka

Black tea is a classic tea that takes on different flavors depending on its region of production. If China produces very high quality black teas, such as Yunnan tea, India with its Assam teas offers very typical products particularly appreciated by tea lovers. Ceylon tea, originating from Sri Lanka and also called Darjeeling, is one of the most sold teas in Europe. The famous earl grey tea, a blend of black tea and bergamot, is also a very popular product.

What are the benefits of black tea?

Black teas contain tannins, minerals, vitamins and caffeine. Like coffee, the caffeine it contains is gradually distributed throughout the body and the tannins have a calming effect on the stomach. As black tea is fully fermented, it is more loaded with theine than green tea. Like green tea, it contains catechin, an active ingredient known for its slimming effect. Rich in antioxidants, it also has a protective effect on the cardiovascular system. According to some studies, it even allows to decrease the risk of vascular accident of 11%. Recommended in case of migraines or digestive disorders, it also improves the fixation of calcium in women and prevents the formation of cavities. Finally, black tea can be drunk with milk.