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Teas & Traditions: A Story of Passion, Quality, and Tradition

Welcome to the warm world of Teas & Traditions, a company born from the passion and dream of Julien, an avid tea lover ❤️.

Our story began in 2016, with the opening of an online store. This business is the fruit of a shared desire to bring people together, to create connections and weave memories around exceptional teas and coffees. It's in this family spirit, where every customer is considered a full-fledged member of our extended family, that we have built our brand. We want every cup of tea or coffee we offer to be an invitation to conviviality, a moment of sharing.

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Our Products:

Our collection is a celebration of the diversity and richness of tea and coffee traditions. With over 300 blends, including a wide selection certified organic, we are proud to offer a range of choices that cater to all preferences and palates. Our teas come from the best regions of the world, each variety telling its own story, bringing its own benefits. In 2022, we expanded our passion to coffee with Cafés et Traditions, offering 15 varieties of freshly roasted coffee. Each variety has been carefully selected to ensure the best quality and bring a new dimension to our offering. Our goal is to make each cup a unique experience, a privileged moment.

Our Mission:

Teas & Traditions is not just a company; it's a mission to bring people together. We firmly believe that the best moments of life are shared over a good cup of tea or coffee. Our mission is to create these moments of joy, sharing, exchange. We want to educate our customers about the cultural and historical riches associated with our teas and coffees, offering them a deeper and more meaningful experience. Our wish is that every product we sell is not only a gustatory pleasure, but also a means to discover new cultures, new stories.

Our Values and Commitments:

Authenticity, quality, and respect are the pillars of Teas & Traditions. We are committed to maintaining ethical and sustainable practices, carefully choosing our suppliers and favoring organic products. We believe in the importance of building lasting and transparent relationships with our customers, suppliers, and partners. Our commitment to transparency and quality is reflected in every aspect of our business, from product selection to the way we interact with our community.

Our Goal:

Our main goal is to expand our Teas & Traditions family, welcoming new members from all over the world. We want to continue to grow, innovate, and diversify while remaining true to our core values. We plan to develop our product range, introduce new flavors and experiences, while maintaining our commitment to excellence and authenticity.

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