Detox tea, to find a perfect balance

Do you want to regain a perfect balance after some excesses? If so, Thés et Traditions offers you different detox teas with the same objective: to purify your body, to make you feel good and to quickly regain your figure. These teas will bring you a real well-being and a feeling of lightness. As for the flavors, you can choose from a wide range. Lemon, apple or ginger: the flavors are varied, to suit all gourmands!

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The detox tea slimming

To begin with, what is the purpose of detox tea? Detox tea is often used when you feel like you've eaten too much during a holiday season or after a heavy meal. The detox tea digestion has many advantages for people who want to lose weight. Indeed, the detox tea burns fat is an excellent diuretic, which helps you both digest and eliminate. The detox tea helps you to regain control of your weight. With the detox tea slimmingyou will quickly regain your figure without difficulty. Ginger detox tea or lemon ginger detox tea can be consumed daily and is suitable for all tea drinkers. You will see that the slimming tea will help you to feel better in your body but also to face the stress undergone in the everyday life. Enjoy a real moment of well-being by letting yourself be tempted by detox tea cure, at any time of the year. Purify your body while enjoying unique and enchanting aromas.

Our range of detox tea

Detox tea is beneficial to eliminate toxins from your body and purify your body. Prefer loose teas: you will benefit from a better conservation on the long term. Moreover, detox tea also has a positive impact on your morale and energy . Green tea seduces by its subtle taste and its low theine composition. For the tastes, Thés et Traditions offers you the choice to combine the useful with the pleasant. Chia seed, elderflower or lemon ginger detox tea? It's up to you to choose the detox tea that makes you feel the most comfortable. Our primary objective is to meet your expectations perfectly.