Chinese Tea

In China, tea is considered a true social and culinary institution. China produces the largest range of tea in the world, with almost every type of high quality tea available. From the classic Chun Mee to Pu Erh tea, Lapsang Souchong smoked tea or Oolong tea to the very exclusive Jasmine tea, China produces an impressive variety of teas. We have selected for you the best Chinese teas coming from exceptional plantations in order to guarantee you a unique and authentic taste.


A rare light and tasty jasmine tea with a golden yellow color

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Chinese tea: the classics

China produces all types of teas, but the most famous are green teas such as Sencha or Chun Mee, and black teas such as Golden Yunnan GFOP, from the Yunnan province, or Lapsang Souchong, a smoked tea whose reputation is well established. But you will also find white teas of exceptional quality such as Paï Mu Tan. Grown in the Fujian province, it is characterized by a unique flavor of white peony. China also produces oolong and Pu erh teas of remarkable quality. Chinese teas are therefore characterized by a great diversity and exceptional quality. It is impossible for a tea lover not to know them and even less to appreciate them.

What luxuryChinese tea?

China is also the source of some of the best teas in the world. Among the rare teas we offer, the jasmine green tea is certainly the most emblematic. This green tea offers flowery aromas of unparalleled delicacy. Another rarity, Pi Lo Chun is ranked among the 10 best Chinese teas. This original green tea will delight you with its roundness and its sweet fruity notes. Discover also our Pu Erh, red teas of a deep intensity or our Lapsang Souchong, a smoked black tea from the best plantations of the Fujian region. As you can see, Chinese tea is more to be tasted than consumed. China being the cradle of tea, it benefits from a thousand-year-old know-how in the cultivation of Camelia Sinensis as well as in the preparation of exceptional teas.

Why choose a Chinese tea?

As with all teas, it is recommended to choose an organic tea since the tea leaves are not washed during the fermentation process. The AB label rewards plantations that respect the environment and produce tea without pesticides. This guarantees you a healthy drink. You can enjoy all the benefits of tea without any risk to your health.

How to recognize a high quality Chinese tea?

Chinese teas are the most sold in the world. China produces 1,886,253 tons of tea per year, so it is difficult to sort out all the products available. To recognize a good Chinese tea, check its origin and prefer an organic tea. Loose tea has beautiful leaves and guarantees a much better preservation than tea bags. The freshness of the tea is also an essential element of its quality. Prefer teas from specialized brands and absolutely avoid supermarket products.