Red fruit tea

Red fruit tea has many advantages. The acidity of the red fruits blends perfectly with the tea and gives your drink a lot of pep. The red fruits are first dehydrated before being mixed with tea, which can be green, white, black, oolong or matcha. The most commonly used is strawberry, but you can also find blends containing raspberry, red currant, cherry or black currant. Discover our selection of red fruit teas and herbal teas to be enjoyed hot or iced.

BIO Huashi

Fruity and powerful green tea with notes of apples and currants

€8.44 100g bag
BIO Cassis

Sparkling and wild composition for a pure moment of greediness

€8.44 100g bag
BIO Lolita

Exquisite green tea with strawberry, orange and violet flavors

€8.72 100g bag
BIO Sandao

Green tea that will make your taste buds explode with pleasure

€9.19 100g bag
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The benefits of red fruit tea

Red fruits are real health assets. Rich in antioxidants, they help maintain your health on a daily basis. The polyphenols contained in red fruits act on your circulatory system, improving the resistance of the vessels and thinning the blood. Strawberries are particularly rich in vitamin B9. The cherry is recommended to fight against diabetes. The currant is a natural detoxifier rich in trace elements. As you can see, drinking red fruit tea is highly recommended! In addition to its delicately tart flavor, it is excellent for your health.

Drinking red fruit tea, for pleasure above all

But drinking tea is first and foremost a pleasure and our range of red fruit teas offers you a wide choice of drinks, both delicious and refreshing. Our green tea with red fruits mixes the acidity of strawberry with the sweetness of apricot and banana and the exoticism of pineapple, all associated with a green Sencha tea. In our Tiaoxu tea, it is the Goji berries that are honored in a red fruit tea with floral accents. With Sweet Valley, the nutty sweetness of rooibos blends with strawberry and raspberry in a richly flavored infusion. Finally, black tea lovers can enjoy our Peach Raspberry Acerola tea, a drink with a strong character, or our Assam black tea with red fruits.

Iced tea with red fruits, another way to consume it

Red fruit tea can also be enjoyed cold, as iced tea. Our many iced tea recipes offer a wide variety of flavors to enjoy during the summer. They combine our quality teas with real fruit pieces. Among the most popular, our iced raspberry tea is one of our best-sellers. It combines apple, hibiscus, raspberry and pineapple in a fruit tea that can be enjoyed any time of day. As it is an herbal tea, it is also suitable for children who appreciate its sweet and fruity flavor.