Cup, Mug and Herbal Tea Pot

To enjoy your herbal teas and teas from around the world, there's nothing like getting one of the best herbal teapots. At Thés et Traditions, these practical and useful objects are as aesthetic as they are functional. Discover our porcelain or ceramic herbal tea pots, equipped with an adapted lid, a stainless steel filter and a double wall.

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Porcelain mug, ideal for your tea or other hot drinks

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Our tea pot or mug for the pleasure of enjoying your tea or your infusion

According to all our customers, choosing a mug is a choice that we rarely regret. Our teapots, in addition to being affordable and accessible to all, adapt to your personality and your schedule. Between the classic cup and the usual teapot, the mug personalizes your herbal tea consumption. This mug is also a visual pleasure thanks to the designs chosen by Thés et Traditions.

The choice of an herbal tea pot: an essential step to enjoy tea throughout the day

An herbal tea pot allows you to take a break around a tea at any time. Whether it is made of porcelain or ceramic, a quality teapot sublimates your infusions and offers you an exceptional moment of relaxation. Teapots and their accessories are definitely not to be chosen lightly. In addition to preserving the taste of your herbal tea, the proposed mug is made of either porcelain or ceramic. Most of our products are equipped with a double wall, which is essential to enjoy your herbal tea at the right temperature.

How to choose the capacity of your herbal tea pot and enhance the taste of your tea?

The capacity of our herbal teapots is 35 cl, more than a classic cup. Thanks to the design of this mug that keeps your drink warm, you are ready to enjoy your favorite organic drink at any time. This capacity is perfect for drinking your teas, herbal teas or infusions. Most of our products are made of porcelain, but the Little Geisha herbal tea mug offers you the opportunity to enjoy your tea or herbal tea in a ceramic container.

What are the characteristics of an herbal tea pot and our much loved products?

In addition to their aesthetics, a double wall preserves the heat. A stainless steel filter is included in your mug so as to infuse the chosen products without difficulty. At Thés et Traditions, we offer you the best porcelain and ceramic herbal tea pots. These containers for tea or herbal tea are resistant, made of a material completely adapted to your needs and will accompany you every day. The designs used on our teapots are very nice. The Mandala Ebony and Mandala Powder teapots appeal for their spirituality, while the Andalusia Berry and Andalusia Marine mugs appeal for their floral decoration. The Venetian motifs of the Terrazzo teapot are also a big hit.

Why choose the herbal tea pot and the mug to make your daily tea?

Better than a simple bowl, a cup without a lid and a container without a built-in stainless steel filter, our mug or herbal tea pot makes your life easier. Our product, with its double wall, allows you to keep your organic tea or herbal tea warm. The proposed model is easy to carry and perfectly adapted to your tea consumption. All our products are designed to make your daily life easier and more enjoyable. The designs of our tea pots do not lie. Between the mandala, the Geisha and flower motifs or the more geometrical shapes, you will find the smile while tasting a delicious tea.

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