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English Breakfast tea: the perfect combination of taste and power

English Breakfast tea is a recipe based on several black teas from India and Sri Lanka. It owes its powerful taste to ceylon black tea known for its robust flavor. With its round texture in the mouth, it sometimes gives off aromas reminiscent of chocolate. The Assam black tea, of Indian origin, brings a full-bodied touch with its slightly woody notes. It is a perfect combination and is best drunk in the morning with a drop of milk, like coffee.

Benefits and virtues of English Breakfast tea

English Breakfast tea, traditionally produced in India, is renowned for its many benefits. Like other black teas, it contains a high content of antioxidants. This contributes to the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system and helps fight against the onset of certain diseases. Consumed regularly, this recipe contributes to weight loss by lowering cholesterol levels. Finally, like coffee, this black tea has a stimulating effect on the body. Theine brings vitality and promotes brain activity.

Our tasting tips

How to prepare English Breakfast tea?

English Breakfast tea is drunk as an infusion. To appreciate its aromas and enjoy its benefits, choose loose tea rather than tea bags. Also, choose quality organic products and spring water. Let it steep for 3 to 5 minutes maximum.

How much English Breakfast tea should I use?

Your English Breakfast tea must be perfectly proportioned to release its different flavors and its full-bodied taste. The ideal is to use 12 grams of leaves per liter of water. This quantity allows you to obtain a dark colored infusion rich in aromas.

What is the ideal brewing temperature for English Breakfast tea?

In order for the ingredients to release all their aromatic notes, the ideal brewing temperature for your English Breakfast tea is 100°C. In addition to distinguishing each flavour, you will fully benefit from the virtues of this black tea.

When to drink English Breakfast tea?

Like coffee, English Breakfasttea has a very stimulating effect. It should be drunk in the morning, plain or with a touch of milk, to start the day. It helps to stimulate your brain activity. You can also enjoy a cup of tea in the early afternoon, but it is better to avoid drinking it in the evening if you suffer from sleep disorders.

The benefits of loose English Breakfast tea

Choosing loose English Breakfast tea is the best way to enjoy quality products. Contrary to the infusions sold in bags, the leaves are not finely broken and can be kept longer. You can choose between two types of packaging: the metal box and the zip bag.

Why buy your English Breakfast tea on Thés & Traditions?

Shopping on Thés & Traditions offers many advantages. For any order over 45 euros, you get free delivery. You have the possibility to pick up your parcel in a delivery point or to receive it directly at home. Finally, you are guaranteed to taste 100% organic products and will even discover a new recipe thanks to the sample offered with each order. Enough to enrich your collection with an Earl Grey, a Darjeeling or a Ceylon!

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