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2-3 min

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All day long


12-15g / L


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Organic Sencha green tea: the king of green teas

Thanks to its flavor and health benefits, Sencha is considered the king of green teas. To take advantage of these benefits, it is essential to choose a good quality product, rich in antioxidants. There are many varieties of Sencha teas available at various prices. This Chinese green tea is one of the most appreciated with Gyokuro and Matcha. It contains less amino acids than Matcha and Gyokuro teas. The amount of caffeine is also lower than black tea.

Benefits and virtues of Sencha green tea

Like Matcha and other green teas, Sencha is rich in antioxidants. A true health ally, it plays a preventive role in many diseases such as cancer. This tasty beverage also contains caffeine which stimulates the metabolism. Note that it is much better tolerated by the body than the one present in coffee. A cup of quality tea also contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements essential to the body. This Chinese tea fights against the signs of aging: it stimulates cognitive functions and delays the appearance of wrinkles. In China and Japan, it is consumed daily to benefit from its virtues.

Our tasting tips

How to prepare Sencha green tea?

The preparation of Sencha green tea is identical to that of other teas. For an exquisite taste, follow the preparation instructions carefully and enjoy it plain, without sugar, honey or milk.

How much Sencha green tea should I use?

To enjoy all the benefits of Sencha green tea, brew 12 to 15 grams of tea leaves per liter of water. In concrete terms, this corresponds to 2 teaspoons of good quality tea in 2 cups of filtered water.

What is the ideal brewing temperature for Sencha green tea?

The ideal brewing temperature is between 70 and 80°C. If the water is too hot, the drink will have a bitter taste. Pour the water directly onto the leaves and let it steep for two to three minutes, no longer.

When to drink Sencha green tea?

Sencha green tea can be enjoyed at any time of the day. It contains less caffeine than coffee, black tea and Gyokuro. It is recommended to follow the information on the product and not to exceed 2 cups per day.

Benefits of loose Sencha green tea

Loose Sencha green tea is fresher and of much better quality than the bagged products available in supermarkets. The leaves keep their shape and retain all their properties and flavors. The purchase is made by weight. The tea leaves are carefully packed in a fresh bag.

Why buy your Sencha green tea on Thés & Traditions?

Our organic teas come from organic farming and fair trade. By ordering on Thés & Traditions, you benefit from a free delivery from 45 euros of purchase. Consult our list and let yourself be seduced by our large choice of organic teas. Whatever your region, have your tea delivered at home or in a relay point, everywhere in France.

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