exotic tea: a real invitation to travel

Are you looking for new flavors? Embark on a journey to the four corners of the globe by discovering our refined selection of exotic tea. Thés et Traditions has unearthed the best tea leaves for you. The result: an explosive cocktail of aromas and flavors. Exotic green tea, black tea, fruit tea or iced tea: the possibilities are numerous, to match all your tastes and habits.

BIO Dongting

Green tea flowered with citrus fruits: mandarin, grapefruit and mango

€8.44 100g bag
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Our exotic black teacollection

Black tea is characterized by its great character and strong taste. It will delight all true tea lovers, who like to consume it at any time of the day. Discover exotic flavors brought back from the ends of the earth and open your taste buds to tropical aromas. Our collection is composed of many flavored black teas, to vary the pleasures. At breakfast, after a meal or in a rooibos version for the evening, enjoy a fruity moment of relaxation and the many virtues of black tea. Looking for refreshment? Don't hesitate to drink exotic iced tea. Brew your blend, put it in the fridge and serve it on a bed of ice cubes.

The flavors of exotic fruit tea

Thés et Traditions has imagined innovative and creative blends, which combine delicate fruity and rare flavors. Let yourself be carried away in a whirlwind of freshness with notes of almond, vanilla, mango, pineapple or coconut. You will find on our online store multiple combinations of tropical fruits, for a real invitation to travel, without leaving your home! The exotic fruit tea allows you to discover new flavors: treat yourself or your loved ones with our delicious creations.