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OP Jinjing, a sweet and aromatic black tea from China

China offers a prestigious list of quality black teas. The most famous are Lapsang Souchong (smoked tea), Keemun and Yunnan teas (pu-erh or Dian Hong). Black tea is red for the Chinese, in reference to its color after infusion.Hunan province is known for its green and black teas. Among these, China Orange Pekoe (OP) Jinjing black tea is produced from the largest leaves of the tea plants, rolled into spirals, and some tips. It offers sweet and aromatic flavors. After infusion, its color is copper.

Benefits and virtues of Chinese black tea

The leaves undergo a complete oxidation (or fermentation), slow and carried out in several stages, to obtain a black tea of quality. As in coffee, caffeine is abundant in teas made from buds. Those produced from the large leaves, such as Lapsang Souchong or OP Jinjing black tea, are lighter. Naturally rich in antioxidants, Chinese black tea reduces cardiovascular risks and slows down the aging of cells. A cup consumed outside of meals helps digestion.

Our tasting tips

How to prepare Chinese black tea?

The preparation of a black tea remains unique. It must preserve the virtues and the colorful and fragrant details of the leaves: hot water, loose tea, respect for the infusion and a teapot, preferably ceramic.

How much Chinese black tea?

It is recommended to introduce about 3 to 5 grams of tea in 250 ml of water (preferably bottled or filtered), or one teaspoon per cup. The bitterness of a tea depends on its dosage and strength, and the infusion time.

What is the ideal infusion temperature for Chinese black tea?

Boiling water tends to enhance the taste of black teas. The recommended temperature of 100°C, for 3 to 5 minutes, allows you to appreciate the red color of the tea and its aroma.

When to drink China black tea?

OP Jinjing China black tea is mild and aromatic and is ideal for afternoon tea. If you don't like strong teas, it is also perfect for breakfast. You can consume up to 4 or 5 cups a day.

The benefits of loose Chinese black tea

Loose tea (in boxes or bags) preserves the authentic character of the leaves and buds, carefully selected in the tea garden. Its conservation in hermetic and opaque boxes allows it to keep its taste and freshness. Natural, scented, with spices or with fruit notes, China black tea in bulk is a quality product without chemical additives or coloring. In Japan, loose tea is increasingly used in cooking, in sweet and savory recipes.

Why buy your Chinese black tea on Thés & Traditions?

All our Chinese teas, green, oolong or black (Ceylon, Darjeeling, Earl Grey or Assam), are organically grown. Their price may vary according to their origin or their quality. They are sold in bulk, in paper bags or metal boxes of 100 grams. The online payment is totally secured. We ensure the delivery at home or in relay point. It is free for a purchase of more than 45 euros. Think of black tea from China and organic teas from Thés & Traditions for your gifts.

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