Spice tea: discover a drink with character

Looking for a thrill? Energize your break or breakfast with a tasty spice tea. Thés et Traditions< offers you different blends with a strong taste to enjoy at any time of the day! Spiced tea is strong in character and envelops you with notes that are both full-bodied and flavorful. Want to sweeten the drink? Then choose a tea with milk and spices: the cloud of milk will make your beverage more delicate.

BIO Sichuan

Green tea with spices that will remind you of the scents of Christmas

€8.44 100g bag
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Good reasons to buy spice tea

Chai spice tea seduces enthusiasts with its unique taste and its multiple virtues. The spicy mixtures allow you to combine pleasure and a real boost. Take advantage of the many benefits of tea but also of your favorite spices. Cinnamon, ginger, chili pepper... you can choose your favorite flavors from our blends for a tea perfectly adapted to your expectations, and to your palate! By indulging in tea with spices, you will embark on a true journey of new flavors. Are you ready to satisfy your curiosity and rediscover tea in a new light? Green tea with spices, indian spice tea or even iced tea with spices: the choices are varied, to correspond to all tea drinkers' profiles.

Our flagship product: Christmas spice tea

In the family of homemade spice tea, do you know the famous Christmas tea? All year long, this tasty blend will comfort you and make you wait until the holidays. Characterized by aromas of orange and cinnamon, this delicious tea will have everyone in agreement at any time of the day. All you have to do is choose its packaging: in a bag or in a metal box.