flavored tea in all its forms

Do you particularly like teas with fruit, flower or spice aromas? Flavored tea is made for you. Thés et traditions has created for you delicate and original blends, in order to delight tea lovers and to convert novices to this product rich in health benefits.

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What are the virtues of flavored tea?

Let's take a quick look at flavored tea. Flavored tea is actually a classic tea to which an aromatic substance has been added. One of the oldest flavored teas is Earl Grey tea, a black tea flavored with bergamot. Today, when we talk about flavored tea, many combinations are possible with pieces of fruit but also spices, flowers or essential oils. You can find for example lemon flavored tea or chocolate flavored tea to satisfy the most greedy. The flavors used to make this type of tea are of natural origin.

It is also possible to flavour a tea with real pieces of fruit, flower petals or caramel or chocolate candies. The perfect combination of flavors is similar to creating a uniquely flavored perfume. The goal is to find the flavors that work best together and take you on a journey in a matter of minutes. It's all about balance and harmony. We recommend for example our organic Sencha green tea with its delicate taste or the apple cinnamon rooibos. This red tea awakens your taste buds with tasty apple pieces and cinnamon notes.

The benefits of loose flavored tea

There are many flavored teas. Flavored white tea, flavored iced tea or flavored black tea with red fruits: everyone will be able to find what they are looking for among our vast selection. In any case, you can find these products in two forms, namely in bags or in bulk. The loose flavored tea has many advantages over the bagged one. First of all, its price is lower. Moreover, its quality is better because the leaves used for its creation are whole. You can also immediately see all the ingredients that make up your tea.

Scented tea, what is the difference with flavored tea?

Scented or flavored tea? To begin, let's recall the difference between these two types of tea. Scented tea is a tea created from flowers. There are generally no added flavors to this blend. The flowers are picked by hand and mixed with a green tea (or a white tea for example). Teas & Traditions proposes you to discover many flavored teas such as the orange oolong tea deliciously scented with orange and mango. The white tea kunming is a real hymn to spring with its notes of rosemary and lavender.