Flower tea: a delicately scented drink

What about discovering amazing blends of teas, associated with your favorite flowers? Thés et Tradition has created a collection of flower teas, each one as surprising as the next. Fall in love with these bewitching and tasty teas. Recreate a sweet and fragrant atmosphere at home for your tea break, at any time of the day.


A rare light and tasty jasmine tea with a golden yellow color

€9.38 100g bag
BIO Kunming

White tea from Provence scented with lavender, rosemary and lemon

€11.85 100g bag
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Flower tea: discover its particularities

Flower tea is particularly appreciated for its unique fragrance and is available in a multitude of flavors. Beyond its delicate taste, it also allows you to benefit from the many virtues of flowers. Hibiscus flower tea, lotus flower tea or cherry blossom tea: you will be amazed by the wide variety offered by Thés et Traditions. Rediscover the pleasures of tea and treat yourself to a true bubble of well-being. Our blends feature violet, lavender, rose and cornflower: an explosive combination of fragrances that will not leave you indifferent.

Jasmine tea: a classic that everyone loves

In our collection, jasmine tea remains a great classic for all tea lovers or novices. Noble and sweet, jasmine green tea is nonetheless energizing and full of pep. It will bring you the necessary comfort whether it is for breakfast, after a meal or for a snack. Purists will opt for a traditional Chinese jasmine tea, with its fresh and sweet taste. And for the curious, our bold and tangy blends are a pleasure to try. You will discover many creations in our palette, to satisfy all tastes. Our range will suit the most demanding taste buds!