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Rwanda Tea:

Originally from the Great Lakes region of Africa, Rwanda tea has been produced since the 1970s in the heart of the Kinihira district in the Northern Province. This Rwandan region bordering Uganda and the Republic of Congo, north of Kigali, offers the best conditions for tea cultivation: fertile soil and temperate climate. This black tea has become the national beverage throughout history and is consumed by the Rwandan population with a lot of milk and sugar. In Rwanda, children drink it from an early age. Tea cultivation in Rwanda ranks sixth in Africa, after Kenya, South Africa, Cameroon, Tanzania and Burundi.

Benefits and virtues of Rwanda tea

Throughout history, black, green or white teas have always been appreciated for their pleasant taste, but also for their beneficial effect on health. Starting with their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging action , which helps fight against the development of cardiovascular diseases. In its natural state, Rwanda Rukeri OP Organic tea, like all black teas, contains caffeine that stimulates the nervous system.

Our tasting tips

How to prepare Rwanda tea?

To release the malty and woody aromas of your black tea from Rwanda, follow our advice of dosage and infusion. Full-bodied by nature, Rwanda black tea can be rinsed before infusion to reduce its astringency.

How much Rwanda tea should I use?

To obtain an aromatic and balanced tea, fill your tea filter with 12 to 15 grams of loose Rwandan black tea leaves per liter of water, or 3 grams for a standard mug.

What is the ideal brewing temperature for Rwanda tea?

Your Rwanda black tea will reveal all its secrets with a water temperature of 70 or 80°C and an infusion time between 90 seconds and 2 minutes. Before preparing your Rwanda tea, start by scald your teapot and/or cup.

When to drink Rwanda tea ?

From the first ray of sunshine to tea time: Rwanda black tea can be enjoyed throughout the day without fear for the quality of your sleep. During the summer, this red colored tea will reveal a new facet in delicious iced teas with fruits or spices.

The advantages of Rwanda tea in bulk

At Thés & Traditions, we only offer loose tea. More economical and more responsible, our loose Rwanda tea is offered in a zipped bag guaranteeing an optimal conservation compared to teas in individual bags or in pyramids.

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