indian tea: a blend of character and spices

The tea tradition is very important in India. Indeed, it is today the first producer of tea in the world. However, the production is made difficult by the climatic conditions and the great heat. Indian tea is often a black tea with a very pronounced taste identity. Among this range, you will also find organic Indian green tea. Discover now our collection of Assam and Darjeeling teas to immerse yourself in the heart of India.

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Our range of Indian tea from Assam

What is the tea called Asam? It is a strong and spicy black tea. It is particularly recommended to drink Indian assam tea in the morning, for a boost. The Indian tea assam takes its name from the Indian region where it is produced. Its quality is very good and its visual aspect is bright and attractive. Let yourself be tempted by the organic Indian tea Assam Bop, strong but balanced. Feel free to add a little milk for an extra dose of sweetness. You can drink this organic Indian tea plain or slightly sweetened, depending on your preference. Spotlight on Assam Second flush Rembeng black Indian tea: this blend has strong flavors and is distinguished by its slightly malty character. This Assam India tea, rich in golden buds, is organically grown.

A sure value, the Indian tea Darjeeling

Darjeeling tea is one of the most consumed teas in the world. Its prestige has even earned it the nickname "the champagne of tea". There is not a single organic Indian tea of this style. Depending on the harvest, the flavor varies each time. This Indian tea with spices is both refined and nuanced. The harvest is done in spring in a meticulous way to preserve its leaves. In our range, we suggest you discover the Darjeeling One First Flush Blend tea. This tea will leave you with a deep taste even after tasting. These teas are also good for your cardiovascular health and help lower your cholesterol.