Tea accessories

To make a good tea, it is essential to use accessories accessories. If the teapot is important, you can also choose to brew your loose tea in a tea ball. The preservation of loose tea is much more efficient in a box. As for matcha tea, it requires the use of specialaccessories to be successful.

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Allows you to measure the perfect amount of leaves for your infusion

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Accessories for brewing tea?

The preparation of tea allows you to enjoy its benefits. With the right amount of tea, the right temperature of water and the right brewing time, you will ensure a perfect tasting experience. To make your tea, you can choose from different kinds of tea accessories. If the teapot, whether cast iron, glass or electric, remains the number one accessory, loose tea can be brewed individually in the same way as bagged tea. To prepare your cup of organic tea, use a tea ball, it is reusable at will. Paper tea bags are also very popular tea accessories. They are disposable and economical. They can be used in the cup or in a teapot.

What accessories for matcha tea?

Matcha tea is a Japanese green tea powder. It is not brewed like other teas. It must be mixed in a bowl with a bamboo whisk or Chasen. The matcha tea whisk is essential, as it is the whisk that allows the tea to foam. Then pour the matcha tea into a gré mug to fully enjoy its delicate flavor and its many benefits.