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Organic Bancha tea: a sweet and richly flavored Chinese tea

Bancha tea is made from the same tea leaves used for Sencha. The main difference is that it comes from a later harvest, which usually takes place in the fall. In Japan, it is very popular and is drunk daily. Bancha green tea contains little caffeine. Its taste is particularly fine and delicate in the mouth. It is made with large old tea leaves and not with young shoots like most other teas. This is what gives it its dark green color and its high nutrient content.

Benefits and virtues of Bancha tea

Organic Bancha tea is known for its benefits. Consumed regularly, it promotes well-being for various reasons. Rich in tannins, it is excellent for digestion as it helps to relieve heartburn thanks to its deacidifying power. Moreover, it is loaded with trace elements and minerals. Its iron content makes it a perfect ally for people suffering from deficiencies. Finally, it contains a small amount of caffeine compared to other teas such as Sencha, but still provides a minimum of tonus.

Our tips for tasting

How to prepare Bancha tea?

For the preparation of green Bancha tea, you should use water with low calcium content. Let the leaves infuse for about 2 minutes. In order to appreciate the taste and the different notes of this infusion, it is important not to heat the water too much.

How much Bancha should I use?

The ideal amount of Bancha tea to use for your infusion is about 12 to 15 grams per liter. This means 3 grams of leaves for a 150 ml cup. By following this dosage, you will get a perfect blend to feel the sweetness of the flavors of your Bancha tea.

What is the ideal brewing temperature for Bancha tea?

During the preparation of your tea, you must be careful not to use water that is too hot in order to preserve the quality of the product in terms of taste and nutrition. The recommended brewing temperature for an excellent organic Bancha tea is between 70 and 80°C.

When to drink Bancha tea?

Thanks to its low caffeine content, Bancha is one of the green teas that can be consumed at any time of the day. If you want to take advantage of its digestive properties, it is best to drink a cup of tea after a meal.

The advantages of loose Bancha tea

Opting for loose Bancha tea is the best solution to keep your tea longer. Packaged in a resealable bag or even in a metal can, it keeps its freshness and flavors perfectly. It is more economical and ecological than bags and it is also a guarantee of quality.

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