CBD Herbal Tea - Hemp and Infusion

CBD (or cannabidiol) is a molecule derived from the hemp flower. It has many virtues in the fight against stress and sleep disorders. Its effects are medically proven and its consumption is legal. By combining CBD with plants and fruits, the CBD infusion infusion is a pleasant and greedy way to enjoy its benefits.

BIO Relaxing

Brings serenity and well-being, the ideal herbal tea after a long day

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Discover the benefits of our CBD infusion for your relaxation and your sleep

Coming from hemp flowers, CBD (or cannabidiol) is a molecule known for its properties against stress and sleep problems. It is however important, to get all its benefits, to choose products based on CBD of good quality. Our infusions, herbal teas and teas are composed of a perfect blend of CBD and plants known for their beneficial effects on health and their inimitable taste. Enjoy a healthy and gourmet moment of relaxation with our blends of CBD and rooibos, mint, apple, orange, lemon and even vanilla. Day and night, our gourmet CBD, herbs and fruits infusions allow you to benefit from the detox and soothing effects of CBD. The quality of the ingredients makes the CBD infusion a herbal tea to be consumed regularly.

How to use CBD infusions and teas?

Nothing could be easier than taking care of your body with our CBD infusion. To do this, choose the flavor that you like. Boil water or milk. Remove from the pot and add the CBD infusion of your choice. If you used water, add a fatty substance because CBD is fat-soluble. Let it infuse to your liking. Add sugar or honey if you wish. Ideally, CBD infusions are consumed at night before going to bed.

Which flavors to choose for its CBD infusion?

All our CBD infusions, herbal teas and teas combine plants and fruits as well as organically grown hemp. In order to take even better advantage of the association of plants and CBD, we have created a variety of products that will satisfy all tastes and recipes for all expectations. You will discover mixtures of fruits like orange, or red fruits as well as plants like mint or rooibos. Choose according to your taste and the benefits you seek. Whether it's for a relaxing moment during the day or a sweet treat before bed, CBD teas will satisfy you.

Is CBD tea good for the body?

Although CBD (or cannabidiol) is derived from the cannabis flower, it is not a drug. CBD has been shown to have an interesting health effect in managing stress and sleep disorders. Combined with other plants carefully selected for their benefits, the CBD infusion is excellent for the body. It is however preferable, in the event of pathology, to ask the opinion of its doctor before consuming a product with CBD. This one should not interfere with certain treatments.

Why is it necessary to put fat in an infusion or an herbal tea of CBD?

CBD is fat-soluble, which means that it only binds in fat. When you make an infusion with our CBD tea, you must add a fat. Here are some examples:

  • Butter, preferably unsalted.
  • Milk, if possible whole milk (you can also make a hot CBD milk).
  • For a vegan option, almond milk or coconut oil.