A cast iron, porcelain or glass teapot to enhance your tea

Whether your teapot is made of cast iron, porcelain, glass with or without filter, it has the power to sublimate your favorite drink. A teapot can be used for all types of tea , whether it is white, green, black or even China tea. It allows the tea to brew while keeping the heat of the water. The cast iron teapot can even be used as a kettle. Make your choice according to the available materials that inspire you.

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Hua teapot

The Hua teapot is made in China, it can contain up to 750 ml

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A cast iron, porcelain or glass teapot, a selection of styles

The choice of your teapot depends on your tastes and needs. The Japanese cast iron teapot has been used for many years. In addition to being a decorative product, cast iron teapots were once used as a kettle because of their heat resistance. Glass teapots are a close second. They often have a modern design. Although less robust, the glass teapot offers the colors of teas through transparency. For the earthenware, stoneware or porcelain teapots, they all come from the terracotta teapot. Once heated, the ceramic is then covered with earthenware or stoneware and porcelain. Depending on the material used, the teapot will have a different name.

Between the teapot and the cup, how to choose your tea set?

You must choose your teapot according to your taste. We choose it according to the colors and materials available. If you like colorful teapots, Japanese cast iron or English porcelain teapots are a good choice. If you prefer a more sober teapot, the glass one will be ideal. Choose cups that match your teapot. A complete tea set looks better. There are also cups with a lid to keep the heat of your infusion throughout your tasting. If you choose a glass tea set, it is better to have handles on your cups.

What accessories are available for your teapot?

Whatever your selection, all teapots have a filter. The filter can be removable or not. This will depend on the product you choose. However, you must pay attention to the quality of the filter. Indeed, to ensure a perfect infusion, you must choose a teapot with a stainless steel filter. This one will be able to receive the tea and deliver all its flavors without denaturing it. The stainless steel filter is more suitable if it is removable. Moreover, by lifting the lid, observe the interior of your product. Make sure that it is made of ceramic, stoneware or enameled cast iron so as not to retain traces of the tea's passage. Your service will be of better quality.

What patterns and colors to choose for a teapot?

A terracotta, ceramic or porcelain teapot is often decorated with a Japanese pattern. In addition to being pretty, its material welcomes the tea without leaving traces of its passage. The Japanese cast iron teapot is often inlaid with refined decorative reliefs. The glass teapot, on the other hand, is chosen for its design and is appreciated for brewing teas that give the pleasure ofbeing observed, such as a flower tea.

What is the ideal capacity of a teapot for an infusion?

Depending on the product you choose, the capacity can vary. In our selection of teapots you can find teapots with a capacity ranging from 600 ml to 1200 ml. Depending on the capacity of your teapot, you can brew more or less tea. Whether you choose a cast iron, porcelain or glass teapot, it is suitable for all teas. Chinese black tea as well as green or white tea can be brewed in any teapot.

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