Iced tea

If you have time, brewing your tea in room temperature water is the secret to making a delicious iced tea. By brewing cold, your iced tea will not develop bitterness or astringency. All our iced teas are accompanied by preparation tips, you will find for example the dosage as well as the infusion time that will allow you to make a success of your iced tea

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How to concoct an original homemade iced tea?

We advise you to choose a green tea, a rooibos or an herbal tea to make your iced tea. You can add pieces of fruit or citrus peel to make your iced tea even more fruity. In this case, do not add sugar, the fructose contained in the fruit will be enough to sweeten your preparation. We have prepared for you some quick and easy homemade iced tea recipes.

This 100% natural drink is ideal to quench your thirst when the weather is hot. There are of course several ways to prepare your homemade iced tea, you can make it cold, iced or granita according to your desires.

How long should I brew my iced tea?

If you use the cold brew method, we recommend that you let your tea steep for one to two hours and then let it sit in the refrigerator for at least two hours. It is preferable to consume it within twenty-four hours.