Herbal tea and infusion

Our infusions and herbal teas are selected with the greatest care, the plants and fruits that compose them are harvested at the right season. They can be enjoyed cold in the summer or hot during the cold winter evenings. They contain no caffeine, no acids and are therefore very easy to digest. They come in an impressive variety of flavors and aromas. Each herbal tea or infusion has many benefits.

Organic Fennel

Facilitates digestion and improves intestinal comfort

€5.21 | 100g bag
Organic Sage

Plant essential in herbal medicine recognized for its virtues

€6.16 | 100g bag
Organic Ginger

Herbal tea perfect to start the day gives strength and balance

€7.20 | 100g bag

Infusion that will seduce you with its peach and papaya flavor

€7.30 | 100g bag
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Infusion: gourmet flavors

Infusions are mixtures of teas, plants, fruits, spices and flowers. They combine health benefits and deliciousness. Most of the time they are drunk hot, but you will also find in our range of infusions iced teas very pleasant to drink in summer. Red fruits, for example, allow you to compose sweet and fruity infusions and what a pleasure to see generous pieces of strawberries or raspberries infused. Exotic fruits such as mango or papaya also go very well in the cup. Those who like warm flavors will prefer the spicy flavors of cinnamon, cardamom or licorice. Hibiscus flowers, rose petals or cornflowers bring finesse and offer particularly delicate aromas.

Herbal tea: the best of plants

Herbal teas are infusions without theine. Our slimming herbal tea is ideal as part of a diet or fasting, it helps the body to get rid of toxins thanks to the draining effect of nettle. Our sleep tea combines lemon balm, raspberry leaves, St. John's wort and verbena for a moment of pure sweetness before bedtime. Our ayurvedic herbal teas have many benefits. We have grouped them in a box where each drink is adapted to a particular moment of the day: morning, meditation, meal... To relax at the end of the day, choose our relaxing herbal tea or our chamomile verbena blend.

Why choose a loose tea?

All our herbal teas are preserved in a fresh bag and presented in bulk. This way, you benefit from an ideal blend of flavors in each teapot. You will particularly appreciate the quality of our blends made from first quality products. You will also discover a large choice of herbal teas and organic infusions with floral, fruity or spicy flavors, from the most classic to the most original.

How to prepare your herbal tea?

To prepare your herbal tea in bulk by the cup, use a tea ball or choose our ecological empty tea bags. The dosage of each infusion is indicated on the bag. You will also find the ideal infusion temperature for each product to fully enjoy the aromas of your drink. Our preparation tips ensure that you enjoy each product to the fullest.