Organic tea: discover our exclusive and refined blends

At a time when we are more and more attentive to what's on our plate, offering organic tea was an obvious choice for Thés et Traditions. Cultivated under the best ethical and environmental conditions, organic tea reveals all its flavors and offers multiple virtues. Reconnect with the true taste of a tea with character, rare and unique. Our blends feature multiple flavors, to suit all tastes. Each creation of Thés et Traditions focuses on high quality and perfectly orchestrated flavour combinations.


Black tea from Africa. A full-bodied and aromatic flavor

€6.82 100g bag
Victime de son succès

Green tea with rose petals and fruits: greedy and exotic

€7.11 100g bag
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High quality organic tea, discover our flavors

Thés et Traditions offers in its catalog more than 100 blends of organic tea in bulk of quality. Browse through our different sections and let yourself be tempted by our creative and innovative blends. Organic Earl Grey tea, organic jasmine tea or organic oolong tea: rediscover the traditional recipes or try new flavors based on flowers,spices orcitrus fruits. Organic Rooibos for the evening or organic green tea boost for the morning: our range meets all your expectations. At any time of the day, enjoy a moment of relaxation with a delicious cup of tea.

Palates looking for character will appreciate spicy recipes, and black teas with cinnamon or orange. Or do you prefer milder, more delicate flavors? Then try our blends with rose petals or cherry blossoms. Discover the unique flavors of our tea leaves, available in a multitude of plain or flavored specialties. In our catalog, the product sheets detail the compositions of all our creations. You will also find all the information you need to enjoy your tea in the best conditions (dosage, temperature, infusion time...)

Organic tea: its advantages

First of all, the organic aspect is very important when it comes to tea because it avoids you to find yourself with a cup full of pesticides and chemical products. All the teas we select meet a strict and rigorous quality charter. By deciding to choose organic tea by the kilo or organic tea in bulk, you are committing yourself to a true ecological approach, where man and nature are at the heart of the production and culture. Above all, you benefit from a healthy tea, ready to offer you all its subtle flavors.

Organic tea made in France, a guarantee of quality

Our French organic tea is hand blended in small quantities in our workshop in Dijon. Coming from rare and qualitative plantations, the tea we offer is entirely certified organic. Rediscover the pleasure of consuming local and revive the artisanal know-how, by favoring organic tea in France. A real moment of pleasure, your Tea and Traditions blend brings you many benefits. Stimulating in the morning or relaxing in the evening, your organic tea or herbal tea brings you comfort at any time of the day. All our blends are available in paper bags with zipper or in metal boxes.