natural tea, a tea for all tastes

Are you a tea lover and are you looking for a high quality product? Discover without further delay the wide range of teas offered by Thés et Traditions to awaken your taste buds. You can choose teas according to your personal tastes or let yourself be tempted by new flavors to expand your knowledge of this universe. In any case, natural tea remains a safe bet for both amateurs and novices!


Black tea from Africa. A full-bodied and aromatic flavor

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The advantages of natural tea

China is a pioneer in the field of tea since this drink has been consumed there for 4500 years. This tea has the primary advantage of being able to be consumed at any time of the day but its qualities do not stop here. Indeed, the benefits of a natural tea on your health are numerous. First of all, let's talk about natural tea calories. The latter proves to be a perfect fat burner and natural green tea to lose weight is ideal. It is therefore very suitable for a diet or a fitness. This tea helps you to digest better after meals and generally to lower your cholesterol. The natural tea also allows you to balance your blood sugar. It is also a very good product to use for the prevention of cancers, notably thanks to its antioxidant power. Finally, this tea also has the ability to actively take care of your skin and fight against its aging. Red tea, green tea, white tea or plain English tea? It's up to you to choose from our selection of quality teas according to your tastes and desires of the moment.

White tea, a beneficial product

White tea has a unique and delicate flavor. Just like green tea, natural white tea is also a very good product for your health. Indeed, it helps defend your immune system and keeps your heart healthy. This tea can be drunk at any time of the day. However, be careful not to exceed 80°C for the temperature of your water.

Organic natural tea, a guarantee of quality in everyday life

Choosing a natural organic tea assures you to have a tasty product with a unique taste and without pesticides. Thés et Traditions offers you a wide range of organic tea. The collection includes, for example, natural black tea, natural oolong tea and natural rooibos tea. In all cases, our products combine naturalness and quality. One thing is sure: you will not find any trace of fertilizers or chemicals inside. The objective here is to have tasty teas but also respectful of the environment. Consuming organic tea is also a way of respecting nature's resources and biodiversity, while fully caring for the world around us.

Plain or flavored green tea

As we have seen, natural green tea has interesting qualities for you and your health. You can consume natural or flavored green tea. Indeed, tea is above all an experience of taste, texture and smell. If plain green tea does not satisfy you completely, there is nothing to stop you from varying the flavors. Lemon, vanilla, ginger or strawberry for example, it is up to you to make your selection among the green teas offered on our menu. It is also possible to add sugar, honey or maple syrup in your cup. This little touch allows you to enhance the taste and obtain a tea that suits you perfectly.