Conseils de préparation

Preparation Tips

temps d'infusion

Infusion time
7-10 min

température d'infusion


Moment de la journée

Time of day
Day & Evening


15-20g / L



Ingrédients biologiques

*Ingredients from organic farming :

Natural Rooibos*, lemongrass, ginger (9%), natural flavor, cranberry (2%), blueberry flowers.


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Organic Rooibos Ginger: a red tea with an exotic taste

The particularity of this theine-free beverage with its red or dark orange color is its good fruit taste and its delicate spicy flavor. This natural product is made from organically grown rooibos from Africa. The Cranberry Ginger Rooibos also includes blueberry flowers and lemongrass in its ingredients. You will enjoy a delicious infusion with subtle notes of honey and lemon.

Benefits and virtues of organic rooibos ginger

Appreciated for its vegetal taste, rooibos, whether flavored or natural, is also a product sought after for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. Unlike coffee and classic teas, our organic rooibos ginger cranberry contains neither caffeine nor theine.
The cranberry, rich in vitamin C and flavonoids, is known for its action on :

  • cholesterol and diabetes;
  • urinary and bacterial infections;
  • immune defenses;
  • memory.

Source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, ginger is a 100% natural anti-inflammatory. It is recommended for its beneficial effect on :

  • fatigue ;
  • pain ;
  • digestion ;
  • nausea.

Our tasting advice

How to prepare the organic rooibos ginger ?

To release the full flavor of your organic rooibos cranberry ginger, follow our preparation and infusion tips. Your drink is ready to drink after a brewing time of 7 (for a light rooibos) to 10 minutes (for a strong rooibos).

How much organic rooibos ginger should I use?

To obtain a subtly flavored infusion, fill your filter with 15 to 20 grams of loose product per liter of water, that is to say a weight of 3 to 4 grams per cup.

What is the ideal infusion temperature for organic rooibos ginger?

In order to enjoy its good taste of fruits and spices for a long time, keep your product in an airtight box or a Doypack bag, which you can find in our selection of accessories. The organic rooibos ginger cranberry keeps its freshness and reveals its unique flavor with aninfusion water at 100 ° C.

When to drink organic rooibos ginger ?

Organic Rooibos Cranberry Ginger can be enjoyed hot or cold throughout the day. Alternative to black coffee for breakfast, it can also replace your herbal teas and infusions in the evening because it contains no theine. An ideal drink for the Christmas season, this product can also be used as an ingredient in summer iced teas. A delicious preparation to garnish with lemon or orange slices.

The advantages of organic rooibos ginger in bulk

Our organic rooibos ginger cranberry is offered in bulk and packaged in a 100g zipped Doypack bag. Much more economical and ecological than teas and infusions in individual bags, this packaging offers much more affordable prices per weight. It also guarantees quality products containing whole leaves and generous pieces of fruit.

Why buy your organic ginger rooibos on Thés & Traditions?

All our organic products, teas, rooibos, infusions and herbal teas are organically grown and fair trade. By ordering on Thés & Traditions, you benefit from a free delivery from 45 euros of purchase. Whatever your delivery address, you can pick up your order at home or in a relay point, anywhere in France. To know the opinions of our customers and to obtain information on our conditions of sale, browse our sections " Certified customer reviews " or " Delivery and return ".

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