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Assam BOP black tea: a rich and full-bodied taste, to be enjoyed in the morning

Grown in the Brahmaputra valley, only the last two leaves of the tea plant are plucked. The grade "Broken Orange Pekoe" means that they are smaller and broken. The orange color refers to the Nassau royal family of Holland, the first importers of tea in Europe. The climate of the valley (tropical with heavy rainfall, high humidity and extreme temperatures) gives a malty taste and a unique note to these black teas. Earl Grey is made of Assam tea.

Benefits and virtues of Assam BOP black tea

More oxidized than green teas, black teas can be stored for several years and are more loaded with theins. Thanks to their antioxidants, their infusions are beneficial to health: cardiovascular system, blood circulation or fight against cell aging. In addition, Assam black tea, rich in tannins, has a longer stimulating effect than coffee. Moreover, as the tea leaves are not washed, the choice of an organic product is a guarantee for a healthy diet and respect for the environment.

Our tasting tips

How to prepare BOP Assam black tea?

The preparation of black tea infusions is personal and unique. It is based on a delicate balance between properties and flavors. Three criteria are involved in the preparation of the tea: method, temperature and infusion time (depending on the variety of tea and the cut of the leaves).

How much Assam BOP black tea should I use?

One teaspoon per cup (or 13 grams per liter) preserves the full and balanced flavors and aromas of this beverage. Three cups a day will allow you to benefit from all its advantages and virtues.

What is the ideal infusion temperature for Assam BOP black tea?

Like all black teas, this product is prepared at a temperature of 95 to 100°C, with infusions between 3 and 5 minutes. Beyond that, the tea will tend to become astringent and bitter.

When to drink Assam BOP black tea?

With a full-bodied taste and more pronounced than Chinese black tea, organic Assam tea is best enjoyed in the morning to start the day. A drink with character, it can be drunk plain, with milk or cream.

The advantages of BOP Assam black tea in bulk?

Organic tea in bulk is authentic. Of very good quality, the black teas from the Rembeng plantation preserve all the flavor of the leaves and their origin. Kept in airtight and opaque containers, protected from light, air and humidity, our Assam tea will offer you bright and invigorating infusions. Its fragrance and flavor, spicy but not harsh, are more refined in bulk than in bags.

Why buy your Assam BOP black tea on Thés & Traditions?

In the world, tea is the second most consumed beverage after water. Our wide selection of organic black teas comes from China, India, Darjeeling or Ceylon. Scented, with notes of fruit or spices, we offer high quality products from organic plantations. The packaging is done in paper bags or in bulk. The payment on our site Thés & Traditions is completely secure. The delivery, at home or in relay point, is free from 45 euros of purchase.

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