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Honeybush cyclopia

Organic Honeybush: South African origins

Just like its cousin the rooibos, the Honey Bush originates from South Africa. If its taste is similar to red tea, don't be fooled. Honeybush comes from the Cyclopia or "Heuningbos" in Afrikaans. This small shrub of the Fabaceae family, close to the genet, grows in the Cederberg mountains, about 200 km from Cape Town. It can come from different varieties of Cyclopia. Some are cultivated and others are totally endemic. In the case of mountain or bergtee tea, the harvest is done in the wild. The Cyclopia Intermedia of the Kouga Mountains is harvested only in a three-year rotation. It is then crushed and dried. Some teas are oxidized in heated vats before being dried.

Difference between honeybush and rooibos

Honeybush does not come from the same plant as Rooibos. The former comes from Cyclopia while the latter comes from Aspalathus linearis. However, both shrubs are part of the Fabaceae family, which explains some confusion. Their flavors are also similar, as well as the nice reddish color they give off when infused.

bienfaits du Honeybush

Honeybush benefits and virtues

The virtues of the "Honeybush" are numerous, it is a species known for its great antioxidant qualities, it is recommended to strengthen your immune system. The organic honeybush is also rich in mineral salts, it is perfectly suitable for women because it allows to restrict the inconveniences of the menopause.

Studies conducted in South Africa have demonstrated the effectiveness of Honey Bush to purify the body. They also praise its protective virtues of the human DNA. And like its cousin rooibos, it is known to relieve intestinal pain and digestive disorders. Its delicious taste and its absence of theine allows to enjoy it at any time of the day.

Why choose an organic honeybush?

As for all teas and infusions, it is advisable to choose organic. Only the AB label assures you to consume a tea that is healthy for your health and free of pesticides. However, in the case of Heuningbos, it was not complicated to label it because it grows in the wild, far from mass production.

Honeybush infusion: how to prepare it?

We distinguish 3 different qualities of bergtee:

  • Full-bodied, it has undergone an oxidation of 2 or 3 days and is presented in bulk
  • Fine, it is a quality tea presented in bulk or in bags
  • Extra fine, it is only used for preparation in bags

The infusion is prepared like any other herbal tea by letting the honeybush leaves infuse in hot water. The ideal temperature is 90°. For a perfect infusion, allow 6 to 8 minutes for the tea to release its honey aromas. Honeybush can also be blended with other plants to make tasty infusions.

Honeybush infusion for breakfast

There is nothing like an infusion of honeybush and Rooibos to start the day. Add a bit of mate and lemongrass to make an ideal and naturally detoxifying wake-up tea. As for the red tea, it can also be consumed with milk.

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