The best of freshly roasted coffee beans

Coffee is the most consumed drink in France after water. Small mocha, espresso or large cream, the recipe for the perfect coffee is to grind the beans of a great coffee yourself and to have a quality coffee machine at home. Arabica or robusta, with or without sugar, black or with milk, it's all a question of taste and balance. Cafés & Traditions presents its selection of freshly roasted coffee beans. We have taken great care in choosing our products and all are roasted in France.

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Country of origin

The origins of our coffee beans

Our coffee beans come from Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras and Rwanda. Considered the best coffee in the world, according to some, we also offer an Italian blend. Its balance between Arabica and Robusta produces an ideal blend for a true home-made espresso, a coffee with character and finesse.
Another unique coffee is the Rapadura Bourbon. The Bourbon variety is one of the oldest and rarest of Arabica coffees. Our blend is characterized by notes of chocolate and red fruits and the perfect balance of the Bourbon Arabica.

What is the best coffee bean?

Coffee is above all a matter of personaltaste. The origin, the terroir, the roasting, many are the details that make the quality of a coffee bean. It's up to you to discover if you prefer a coffee with chocolate, red fruit or coconut notes.
Many opinions consider Arabica coffee to be of superior quality to Robusta coffee. Whichever product you choose, choose a freshly roasted coffee bean rather than an industrial coffee. The grind and quality of your coffee machine will provide the finishing touch to making your best coffee.

Arabica or robusta, what's the difference?

In France, we note a preference for Arabica coffee, but it is still a matter of taste. Arabica offers a great gustatory finesse, a low caffeine content and is rich in aromas. Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia are among the main producers of this delicate coffee, whose robustness has given its name to Robusta coffee. It is distinguished from Arabica by its pronounced bitterness and its higher caffeine content. It is also more full-bodied, offering a coffee with a spicy flavor. You can tell the difference between Arabica and Robusta beans at a glance. The Robusta bean is larger and has a straight groove, while the Arabica bean has an "S" shaped groove.

Why choose coffee beans over ground coffee?

The only real advantage of ground coffee is that you save on the purchase of a coffee grinder. Ground coffee oxidizes very quickly and loses its taste qualities. The coffee beans express all their aromas and personal notes during the grinding process, because each bean is a promise. The difference in price between coffee beans and ground coffee is symbolic, if not non-existent. Buying coffee beans allows you to choose the ideal grind for your coffee machine and your taste. Check that the coffee beans are homogeneous, that there are few broken beans, this will be a guarantee of the quality of your coffee beans. Your black coffee will be even better.