The tea box for a perfect conservation

Tea leaves are very fragile. They are sensitive to environmental factors such as air, humidity, light, heat, but also odors. To keep their qualities and reveal their aromas during the infusion, it is essential to keep them in an airtight and opaque container. At Thés & Traditions, the teas are delivered in a hermetic bag. This packaging is perfectly suitable for a good preservation, but it is less aesthetic than the tea boxes. To introduce Japanese influences in your home, discover the Japanese washi metal tea caddy.

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The particularities of the Japanese metal washi tea canister

To store your tea, you have several options: the sealed bag or the tea canister. This product is very popular in Japan and now invites itself in our homes. The Japanese washi metal tea box is made of iron. It is covered with a washi paper decoration. The washi is a Japanese paper, a kind of cardboard, also known as wagami. Made in Japan in an artisanal way since the 7th century, it is very resistant. It is made of intertwined mulberry fibers. Strong, light, but also very flexible, it wraps easily around the metal support.

How to choose a Japanese washi metaltea box?

Capacity, patterns, discover the criteria to take into account when choosing a Japanese washi tin. Discover our collection of nature-inspired designs and find the model that meets your desires.

What patterns to choose for my tea box?

The Japanese washi metal tea box can be decorated with various patterns to satisfy all desires. Some patterns have a special meaning. For example, you can see the Kiku No Gomon, the imperial seal of Japan. If you like nature inspired patterns, let yourself be seduced by a Japanese tea box decorated with cherry blossoms. The fan, a very present motif in Japanese arts, is also invited on everyday objects and accessories like the tea box. Red, white, green, blue, choose the product you like, in harmony with your interior decoration.

What capacity for a tea box?

As mentioned before, tea leaves are very fragile, and this, even more so if they are large. To avoid damage or breakage, choose a tea caddy with a sufficient capacity. The lid should not push on the leaves. For example, a Japanese washi tin with a capacity of 150 grams is suitable for 150 grams of dense tea leaves. If the tea leaves are very developed, it can hold about 50 grams.

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