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A tea tong, the essential accessory to brew your favorite loose tea

For zero waste enthusiasts, this tea tong is a very practical product. Made of stainless steel, it is equipped with a fine sieve that allows you to brew all types of loose tea. Prepare your single dose to enjoy your favorite organic tea without wasting or having waste, the tea tongs replaces the single use bags. It is very convenient to use. Plunging the tea tongs the time necessary to gently infuse your organic tea in your cup becomes a very appreciable eco-responsible gesture.

A tea tong, an ideal product for your organic tea to reveal all its flavors

Thanks to this tea tongs and its fine stainless steel sieve, the tea leaves can be infused and reveal their essence. The stainless steel does not interfere with the taste of the tea. The tea tongs are easy to use. In a cup or a small teapot, it can be immersed in boiling water and its handle allows you not to burn yourself once the tea is infused. The tea tongs are a filter that can accommodate all types of tea. White, black or green tea all appreciate this tea ball because in this way the tea leaves are not damaged.

Our tips for using a tea tong

How to use a tea tong?

It is important to use your tea tongs correctly in order not to break the tea leaves but also not to burn yourself during the infusion. All the tips to use it properly are revealed to you.

How much tea to put in the ball of the tea tongs?

Depending on the tea you want to drink, the quantity of tea you will put in the ball of the tea tongs will change. A black tea or an infusion does not require the same amount. Be sure to read the instructions on the tea bag of your choice.

How to fill the ball of the tea tongs?

You need to apply pressure on the stainless steel handle to allow the tea ball to open. In this way, you can place the tea inside the ball. When the pressure is removed, the ball closes and the tea is ready to be brewed in your cup.

The advantages of the tea tongs for loose tea

The tea tongs are very easy to use and also to clean. Just run it under the tap and it's ready to use. Placing loose tea in the ball of a tea tong allows you to use the necessary amount of tea you need. Thanks to this small accessory, you don't create any more waste as opposed to single-use tea bags.

Why buy your tea tongs on Thés & Traditions?

In addition to the large choice of 100% organic teas available in our store, we also have accessories in stock: tea boxes, tea balls, filters, tea tongs, etc. All you have to do is choose the accessory that best suits your daily life. All our products in our store are delivered to your home or to a relay point. Payment is secure and delivery is free for purchases over 45 euros. All you have to do is choose and place your order.

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