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This sieve tea ball makes your daily life easier, you will be able to prepare and dose your tea quickly. As for cleaning the ball, nothing could be easier, a simple passage under the tap is enough. A chain with a hook is attached to the tea ball, which allows you tohang itdirectly on your cup, pot, teapot The closure is done by a valve (which can be seen on the photo).
This metal tea infuser has a fine sieve, which is suitable for infusing all types of tea leaves. This tea accessory is essential for preparing your loose tea.

A tea ball, a product of choice and a design accessory

If you prefer tea to coffee, this infuser is a great filter to have in your kitchen. Made of stainless steel or silicone, the tea ball has a filter that lets all the flavors of the tea infuse. Using a tea ball greatly reduces waste. Simply run the filter ball under dishwater, then store it in your kitchen. It is also a very nice accessory to give as a gift. A stainless steel filter or a silicone filter have a long life and do not alter the quality of your infusion.

A tea ball, a perfect filter for a delicate infusion

With its ease of use, the tea ball perfectly brews the tea of your choice without destroying or crumbling it. It is an infuser that fits all teapots. More practical than a tea bag, the ball can be put in your cup as well as in your teapot. It exists either in stainless steel or in silicone. With silicone, the design of the tea ball can be different. You can find strawberry shaped or even red colored filters. This original little strainer is perfect for your tea time. The ball is an ideal infuser with a democratic price.

Our tips for use

How to use a tea ball?

In order to brew your tea with all the flavors of the tea leaves, it is necessary to know how to use your stainless steel ball. How much tea to put in your tea ball? Here are some tips on how to use your stainless steel ball.

How much tea to put in a tea ball?

A tea ball contains the quantity necessary for a brew in a cup or a teapot. It is important to read the instructions on the tea bag you choose. Not all teas require the same amount of leaves to brew.

How to fill a tea ball?

The stainless steel or silicone ball has a small lock at the base of the filter. Open the ball and place the tea leaves inside. This ball is like a small colander with a lid. Once the ball is full, close the lid of the filter and plunge the ball into your cup or teapot and let it steep.

The advantages of the tea ball for loose tea

The tea ball is a stainless steel or silicone infuser that acts like a small strainer to let the tea leaves gently infuse. The use of the ball is very convenient. This infuser filters your tea leaves beautifully. More practical than a pair of tongs or a bag, the ball is dishwasher safe and can be taken anywhere. Once the tea is brewed, place your ball on a spoon or in a glass.

Why buy your tea ball at Thés&Traditions?

This original tea strainer is sold on our online store with several other accessories for your tea time parties: gift box, tongs, bag, tea ball, etc. The reviews on these infusers are all positive. After a secure payment, the delivery is done at your home or in a relay point. Delivery is free for purchases of 45 euros or more. Don't think anymore and order your tea ball!

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