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An environmentally friendly tea filter for all types of loose tea

These empty tea bags are excellent filters for all types of loose tea. From tea to herbal tea, they are perfect for your favorite blends. Single use, you don't have to worry about the environmental impact of these paper filters. They are made from the pulp of abaca, a species of banana tree in the Musaceae family that is native to the Philippines. They are biodegradable. The box containing the filter bags is resealable and has a large opening for easy access to the filters.

A tea filter designed to offer you a unique experience

The shape of these filters is designed to give your tea leaves room to swell. Theinfusion is thus optimal. Whether you are a tea lover or a novice, this product has its place in your kitchen. Its simplicity of use allows you to quickly enjoy your favorite drink, but also to share it. These filters are ideal for a mug or a teapot of small or medium capacity. These paper filter bags make it easy to use loose tea.

Our tips for use

How to use a tea filter?

Knowing how to use a tea filter is an essential point to enjoy a tasty tea. How many bags are needed? How much tea to put in your empty tea bag ? Here are some tips on how to use a tea bag.

How much tea to put in an empty tea bag?

One tea filter is enough for one cup. Slip in the recommended amount of tea and place it in your cup or teapot. Black tea, white tea, rooibos (also known as red tea), green tea or herbal tea blends do not require the same dosage. To make sure you don't make a mistake, refer to the instructions on the bag.

How to fill the empty tea bag?

Our paper tea filters are very easy to use. They have a wide opening and a flap. Simply fill your filter with the desired amount of tea and immerse it in hot water. The flap allows you to "stick" the filter to the cup for an optimal hold.

Benefits of the tea filter for loose tea

The tea filter allows you to enjoy the benefits of loose tea without wasting time filtering your drink. Precision of the infusion time and temperature of tasting are thus optimal.
Find a filtering of quality and a comfort of use everywhere you go. More convenient to carry than an infuser or a stainless steel tea ball, this paper tea filter allows you to enjoy your organic tea even during your coffee break.

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