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15g / L


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Jasmine tea: a fragrant and aromatic blend

Jasmine tea is one of the most famous blends. It is made from green tea leaves that are harvested in spring and then combined with freshly picked jasmine flowers. Sometimes, these buds are then removed from the tea to avoid giving it a bitter taste during the infusion. The blend develops a characteristic fragrance and releases fine and velvety aromas.

Benefits and virtues of jasmine tea

Jasmine tea has many virtues. Thanks to the soothing properties of this flower, it helps to reduceanxiety and nervous tension. It is an excellent remedy against muscular pains and headaches. As part of a diet, regular consumption of jasmine tea promotes weight loss. This drink helps to limit the formation of cholesterol, but also to burn fat. Tasted as an infusion, jasmine tea helps prevent the risk of developing diabetes by regulating blood sugar levels.

Our tasting tips

How to prepare Jasmine tea?

In order to appreciate the typical taste of jasmine tea, it is important to prepare it well. For that, it is better to use a spring water and a quality organic product. You must let it brew for 2 to 3 minutes so that the tea leaves release all their aromas.

How much jasmine tea should I use?

When preparing your infusion, it is important to apply the right dosage so that your tea releases its multiple flavors. The ideal amount to use for your blend isabout 15 grams of tea leaves per liter.

What is the ideal brewing temperature for Jasmine tea?

As with most teas, you should be careful not to use water that is too hot when preparing your infusion. It is recommended to heat it to 75°C maximum to avoid a bitter taste. This temperature also allows each typical jasmine note to come out.

When to drink jasmine tea?

Jasmine green tea has a low theine content. It is therefore possible to drink it throughout the day and even in the evening thanks to its soothing effect. Moreover, it facilitates digestion. You can drink it after meals for a maximum of well-being.

The advantages of jasmine tea in bulk

It is better to buy jasmine tea in bulk rather than in bags if you want to enjoy a quality product. Not only will your tea stay fresh, but it will also last longer. Loose tea is generally of higher quality. The leaves used are whole, whereas the bags are finely cut. You will find it sold in a resealable flexible packaging or in a metal box. These packaging methods are more environmentally friendly.

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