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3-5 min

température d'infusion


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Morning & Day


13g / L




Black tea Assam, Morello cherry (9%), black tea Lapsang Souchong, grape, NOISETTE (4%), natural flavour, NUTS (3%), Stevia.


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Black cherry tea: a note of sweetness mixed with a hint of bitterness

This red cherry flavored black tea infusion is one of those tastings that awakens your taste buds. This sweet blend is perfect for a break in your day. A cherry flavor flavored with spices that doesn't let anyone escape its delicate flavor. The general opinion is unanimous. Customers love our cherry flavored black tea. It brings together all the flavors you're looking for in a fruity, spice-coated tea.

Benefits and virtues of cherry black tea

Black tea has many virtues for your health. Even before being delicious, it is a powerful antioxidant. The added cherry notes provide additional benefits such as reducing inflammation or improving intestinal health. Cherry flavored black tea is a true partner in your health. The red fruits and spices add to the already powerful benefits of this black tea. With its tangy and wild taste, this blend of tea and fruit is a beautiful product to consume without hesitation.

Our tasting tips

How to prepare the black tea cherry?

The infusion of black cherry tea lasts between 3 and 5 minutes like most other teas. These short minutes are essential to give your palate the full flavor of this cherry flavored tea.

How much black cherry tea?

In order to reveal all the essence of the black tea leaves, the spicy aromas and the taste of red fruits, the quantity necessary to prepare this delight is 13 grams of product per liter of water. In this way, the tea reveals all its power.

What is the ideal infusion temperature for black cherry tea?

In order for all the flavors of the cherries and spices mixed with the black tea to be released, your infusion must be brewed in water boiling at 100°. This way, your brew will accurately reflect the different flavor notes present in our tea.

When to drink cherry black tea?

Knowing that black teas are rich in theine, even with cherry notes it is advisable to drink it during the day. Prefer the morning, but especially avoid the evening to ensure a good and better sleep.

The advantages of black tea cherry in bulk

Buying tea in bulk allows you to have a better quality tea. The tea leaves remain whole, the cherry pieces and the different spices are also more present. You will need to store the teas in a dark, dry place to keep the product fresh. Use tightly closed tins to avoid losing the essential flavors and aromas of the tea.

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