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Laokhowa black tea in bulk, an explosion of taste in one product

Our Laokhowa full-bodied black tea transports you directly to the valleys of India on the other side of the world. A soothing and powerful image just like the spicy notes of our drink. We have selected the best leaves from our products to create a fusion of flavors in this exceptional product. The combination of these secret ingredients promises a magical experience in the morning instead of coffee.

The benefits and virtues of Laokhowa's full-bodied black tea in the morning

Our black tea is an ally for your mental and physical health on a daily basis. Its antioxidant properties reduce the risk of heart attack and improve blood circulation. The catechins present in loose tea and chocolate also reduce blood pressure. The list of benefits grows even longer with the first sip of our breakfast beverage.

Our tips for enjoying Laokhowa Organic Black Tea

How to prepare Laokhowa Organic Strong Black Tea?

For a well-balanced drink, infuse the leaves of the full-bodied black tea for 3 to 5 minutes in hot water. Gradually, the ingredients will aromatize the air around you. To drink tea like our English neighbors, add a dash of milk to sweeten the taste.

How much of Laokhowa Organic Black Tea should I use?

For the tea to spread all its flavors, mix 13 grams of bulk product per liter of water or milk. This clever combination allows all the aromas to develop from the first sip. The perfect note to have a great breakfast.

What is the ideal brewing temperature for Laokhowa Organic Black Tea?

Infuse the loose leaves of your full-bodied black tea in water at 100°. The aromas will delicately perfume your cup with a strong spicy taste.

When to drink Laokhowa organic strong black tea?

Like Earl Grey or Tetley English Breakfast, Laokhowa's strong black tea is best enjoyed in the morning. Just like coffee, the theine present in this beverage gives an energizing boost at breakfast. For the evening, opt for an herbal tea or an infusion in bulk or in bags.

Advantages of Laokhowa organic full-bodied black tea in bulk

Laokhowa's full-bodied black tea is the result of a perfectly balanced blend of different quality flavors such as Assam tea. Our bulk products are packed in zipped bags or in metal tins. In an ecological approach, the latter are reusable for your other teas in stock. Moreover, the price per kilo is more advantageous compared to the products in bags. If you want more information on the composition, please consult the back of the bag.

Why buy your Laokhowa organic black tea on Thés & Traditions?

At Thé & Traditions, the quality of our products is at the heart of our concerns for our customers. Our teas come from India or China and are organically grown. Do not hesitate to consult the opinion and recommendations of our customers to make your own idea. You can also benefit from free delivery at home or in a relay point from 45 euros of purchase of our products.

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