Conseils de préparation

Preparation Tips

temps d'infusion

Infusion time
3-5 min

température d'infusion


Moment de la journée

Time of day
All day long


12-15g / L



Ingrédients biologiques

Ingredients from organic farming :

China Pu Erh tea (68%), cinnamon sticks (11%), apple, orange peel (8%), natural flavouring, clove, NUTS, cardamom.


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Orange cinnamon Pu Erh, a Christmas flavor

With its woody taste and golden brown color, Pu Erh tea from China blends with the sweet flavors of fruit and rooibos. In our tea, we combine the Pu Erh with the flavors of Ceylon cinnamon, orange peel and apple, reminiscent of the joys of Christmas. The fragrant blend is carried to the finish by the powerful aroma of cloves and the camphorated scent of cardamom. The Pu Erh flavored with orange peel and Ceylon cinnamon goes perfectly with chocolate with rose petals or vanilla. More traditionally, it accompanies fruits such as strawberry, raspberry, cherry or peach or even bergamot sorbet.

Benefits and virtues of the orange cinnamon Pu Erh

Rich in polyphenols and theaflavins, Pu Erh has been consumed in China for thousands of years to facilitate digestion. In our organic infusion, the Pu Erh reinforces its action on digestion with the presence of Ceylon cinnamon, apple and cardamom. To reinforce the digestive action, the Pu Ehr is traditionally mixed with ginger or rose petals. Our organic Pu Erh also stimulates the immune system thanks to the actions of cinnamon and orange peels. Clove brings its antiseptic properties to the blend. Finally, cinnamon and cardamom have anti-inflammatory properties.

Our tasting tips

How to prepare the Pu Erh orange cinnamon?

Ideal in a Christmas box, our PuErh tea flavored with orange peel and Ceylon cinnamon is prepared by infusion in a cup of hot water. The taste of fruits and spices is diffused in 3 to 5 minutes for a rich flavor, between apple and cinnamon.

How much orange cinnamon Pu Erh?

For a cup of organic tea rich in orange, apple and cinnamon flavors, we recommend brewing 12 to 15 grams of Pu Erh per liter of hot water.

What is the ideal infusion temperature for Orange Cinnamon Pu Erh?

For an intense aroma, without excess of theine, we recommend theinfusion of Cinnamon Orange Pu Erh in a cup of water at 100 °C.

When to drink the Cinnamon Orange Pu Erh?

Like white tea, China Pu Erh is naturally low in theine. Its blend of orange peel, Ceylon cinnamon and apple pieces can be drunk all day long.

The advantages of Pu Erh orange cinnamon in bulk

In bulk or in a box, our Orange Cinnamon Pu Erh keeps its rich taste. In this packaging, this cupof tea essential has intense spices (Ceylon cinnamon, cloves and cardamom) and beautiful pieces of fruit (orange peel and apple). Whole, the organic Pu Erh leaves keep their freshness.

Why buy your orange cinnamon Pu Erh on Thés & Traditions?

On Thés & Traditions, our teas are 100% organic. Whether they come from India or China, our teas, fruits, flowers, spices and rooibos have intense flavors. In bulk or in boxes, delivery from our workshops is free, at home or in a relay point, from 45 euros of purchase.

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