Welcome to the world of GENEROUS!

The GENEROUS adventure began in 2013, when Christophe Harou, a passionate pastry chef, discovered his gluten intolerance. With his wife Théodora, they met Jean-Benoît and Aurélie Ghenne from L'Arrière-Cuisine in Brussels, who specialize in gluten-free pastries. The four of them, driven by a shared passion, decided to create GENEREOUS.

Craftsmanship and quality

In their artisan workshop, the GENEROUS team crafts irresistible cookies, combining unique flavors and delectable textures. A commitment to quality and health is at the heart of their creations. GENEROUS cookies are made with organic, gluten-free and mainly local ingredients. Discover healthy alternatives such as tapioca flour, buckwheat flour and potato starch. Transparency and traceability are guaranteed.

For all gourmets

GENEROUS is dedicated to everyone - whether you're gluten intolerant, looking for a healthier diet, or simply a lover of artisanal patisserie. The products are lovingly crafted, inspired by the finest raw materials, dosages and processes for unrivalled taste.

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