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Preparation Tips

temps d'infusion

Infusion time
7-10 min

température d'infusion


Moment de la journée

Time of day
Day & Evening


12-15g / L




Apple, date (date, rice flour), grape (grape, vegetable oil), lemongrass, banana (banana, coconut oil, cane sugar, honey), ginger, carrot, natural flavor, apple pieces, goji berries, lavender.


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A sweet and fruity exotic tea, for a moment of escape

You like exotic fruits? Let yourself be seduced by the fruity flavor of this fresh and fragrant infusion. A quality product to add to your wish list! Presented in a hermetic zipped bag or in a lovely metal box, this passion fruit blend will take you to the end of the world. Its fruity and sweet taste will seduce your taste buds. The peach is the star ingredient, sharing the spotlight with the papaya, with which it blends very well. The apple brings a tangy note and the banana a greedy touch. On the spice side, it is not cinnamon but lemongrass and ginger that we find in this product with exotic flavors. The lavender flowers complete this mixture and bring you back to France after this sweet trip to the end of the world.

Benefits and virtues of this exotic herbal tea

Like all our herbal teas, this exotic tea is made from organically grown ingredients. This organic blend will make you benefit from its numerous health benefits. Papaya is a fruit rich in antioxidants. The ginger facilitates digestion. As for the goji berries, they strengthen the immune system. It is therefore part of the infusions to be enjoyed throughout the year, and especially in winter. Find the details of the composition on the bag of the ordered product.

Our tasting advice

How to prepare this exotic herbal tea?

How long to brew for a maximum of flavor? How to enjoy this exotic tea? Discover all our advice for a successful preparation.

How much exotic herbal tea?

The recommended quantity of product is 12 to 15 grams of plants per liter of water. Whether you use a teapot or a cup, choose the container of your choice and adjust the quantity accordingly. You can add a slice of lemon according to your taste.

What is the ideal infusion temperature for this exotic tea?

The ideal brewing temperature to enjoy the taste of the herbs, flowers and fruits is 100°C. Place the recommended amount of product in a tea ball or tea bag. Leave to infuse for 7 to 10 minutes, depending on your wishes, so that the flavors unfold.

When to drink this exotic tea?

Like all herbal teas and rooibos, this infusion is devoid of theine. It can therefore be consumed at any time of the day.

The advantages of the exotic herbal tea in bulk

Loose herbal teas are of excellent quality. The plants, fruits and leaves keep their shape and their flavors. Our products are offered in hermetic zipped bags or in metal boxes. Preserved from humidity, they keep longer. The purchase is made by weight. Black tea, mixed tea flavored with fruits (pineapple, orange, lemon...) or rooibos, discover all our products in bulk.

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