Welcome to the refined world of Bacanha syrups

Founded in 2013, Bacanha is a Parisian brand that reinvents syrup by adopting unique creation and manufacturing processes. Born of a family history, Bacanha is today a house of exceptional syrups thanks to hard work, know-how, passion and creativity.

Commitments and Quality

Our syrups are made from Brazilian cane sugar, grown in a way that preserves the soil and the environment. Flavors are developed in the Grasse region of France, using natural extracts, essential oils, fruit juices and aromas. The syrups are free from colorants and preservatives, and come in natural shades.

Using Bacanha syrup

Bacanha syrups can be used in a variety of ways: as a drink, in cooking, in baking or even for their medicinal virtues with certain herbs and plants. They are packaged in recyclable amber glass bottles, which protect the syrup from light for optimum conservation.

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