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Pays de torrefaction

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Intensité du café


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Type of coffee
100% Arabica


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Nicaragua coffee, the perfect balance between acidity and sweetness of aromas

Coffee production is at the heart of this small Central American country. There are several varieties of Arabica coffee, including Maragogype. The Maragogype bean is twice the size of other coffee varieties. The taste of Nicaraguan coffee differs depending on the region and the altitude. The higher the altitude, the more pronounced the aroma of the coffee. The production is concentrated in the north of the country. Let yourself be seduced by its sweet and fruity notes. Its slight acidity is offset by the sweetness of its milk chocolate and nutty aromas.

Benefits and virtues of Nicaragua coffee

Starting the day with a good black coffee is a ritual in many countries. This coffee bean is roasted in France, like all the bulk coffees available at Thés & Traditions. Ground or in beans, the Nicaraguan coffee offers you a pure moment of relaxation and greediness thanks to its fruity notes and its milk chocolate taste. Thanks to its low caffeine content, only 14 milligrams for a 5 centiliter cup, this coffee bean can be drunk throughout the day. Boost your vitality by enjoying a fresh and subtle coffee.

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How to prepare Nicaragua coffee?

Once ground, Nicaragua coffee beans are compatible with all types of machines. Whether you have a filter coffee maker, a piston coffee maker or an espresso machine, this Nicaraguan coffee bean is delicious. This product can also be used in espresso machines with a built-in grinder. It is up to you to choose the intensity of the coffee according to your taste.

How much Nicaraguan coffee?

To enjoy a perfect espresso, the ideal quantity is 7 to 10 grams of ground coffee for one cup. This is the equivalent of a level tablespoon of ground coffee. Of course, the dosage should be adapted according to your taste and the type of coffee maker used.

What is the ideal brewing temperature for Nicaraguan coffee?

For your Nicaraguan coffee to express all its aromas, the temperature of the water is crucial. The water should not boil but simmer. The ideal temperature for brewing this 100% Arabica coffee from Central America is between 85 and 95°C.

When to drink Nicaragua coffee?

Enjoy the benefits of a good espresso whenever you want with our 100% Arabica coffee beans. Nicaragua coffee is naturally low in caffeine. You can therefore enjoy it throughout the day, without affecting your quality of life.

The advantages of Nicaraguan coffee in bulk

On Thés & Traditions, our products are available in bulk. Our selection of coffee beans is roasted in France. Nicaraguan coffee beans are sold in 250 gram or one kilo bags. Enjoy the freshness and quality of our coffee beans at home.

Why buy your Nicaragua coffee on Thés & Traditions?

All our bulk products are from a fair trade production. Buying your bag of Nicaragua coffee at Thés & Traditions assures you a remarkable quality and freshness. The online payment is simple and completely secure. You have the choice between home delivery or in a relay point. From 45 euros of purchase, we offer you the delivery. Do not hesitate to leave a review of our products.

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