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100% Arabica


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Guatemala coffee, fruity and gourmet aromas

Guatemala coffee originates from a Central American country. Its plantations are located in the region of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. It draws all its flavors from a volcanic soil and climatic conditions ideal for the growth of coffee trees. Its production and French roasting sublimate the aromas of the bean. Cultivated above 1,500 meters of altitude, this arabica is characterized by a light body, followed by greedy aromas of coconut, macadamia, fresh almond, citrus and chocolate.

Benefits and virtues of Guatemala coffee

Guatemala coffee is an Arabica. It contains nutrients that are beneficial to health, especially when consumed black, without sugar and other sweeteners. This product increases energy levels and alertness. Ideal to start your day on the right foot!

Our tasting tips

How to prepare Guatemala coffee?

All machines can grind Guatemala coffee. Essential accessories, the filter coffee maker, piston coffee maker or espresso machine will produce a quality nectar. We recommendfilter extraction rather than capsules for this light and sweet arabica. To get the best taste from your coffee, we recommend that you grind the beans just before brewing. You can then choose the grind you want.

How much Guatemala coffee should I use?

The amount of Guatemala coffee you should use depends on the intensity you want. To enjoy the sweetness of Guatemala coffee, use it as a bean and pour the brewing water into it right after grinding. To obtain a tasty drink, the dose of beans to grind is between 7 and 10 grams, or one tablespoon of coffee per cup.

What is the ideal brewing temperature for Guatemala coffee?

The ideal brewing temperature for your Guatemala coffee is between 82° and 92°C maximum. Sprinkle the ground coffee lightly with cold water before pouring in the hot water. Be careful not to boil it, as this will weaken its taste.

When to drink Guatemala coffee?

Guatemala coffee can be enjoyed at any time of the day. It will stimulate you in the morning, in a cup of black coffee or mixed with milk. The balance of coffee and its fruit and chocolate flavors will also be perfect for a moment of relaxation during the day. Our opinion? Its sweet notes are perfect for a snack at home.

The advantages of Guatemala coffee in bulk

Why buy your Guatemala coffee in bulk? You choose the quantity that suits your needs. Bulk is also the best way to keep your coffee fresh and aromatic. Buying the quantity that corresponds to your consumption means avoiding products that oxidize over time. Bulk is the eco-responsible choice that eliminates unnecessary packaging. It is also the most economical choice for your wallet: bulk is less expensive.

Why buy your Guatemala coffee on Thés & Traditions?

All our coffees, teas and herbal teas are carefully selected for their high quality. Your selection of products is delivered directly to your home or to a relay point. Our free delivery service from 45 euros of purchase allows you to taste the coffee Guatemala at an advantageous rate. Do not hesitate to visit our online store to discover our other products and accessories.

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