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Preparation Tips

temps d'infusion

Infusion time
2-3 min

température d'infusion


Moment de la journée

Time of day
All day long


12-15g / L


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Chinese tea Pi Lo Chun: a tea of choice that flavors your gaiwan with spring notes

Pi Lo Chu, also called Bi Luo Chun, is one of the best green teas produced in China. It comes from the Jiangsu province, where it is grown near Lake Tai. Its dried leaves have a twisted appearance, hence its name which translates as"spring jade spiral". They are harvested with their tender downy buds. The infusions of Bi Luo Chun have a beautiful clear yellow color. This high quality organic tea delicately perfumes your teapot with its vegetal notes. On the palate, we perceive a round body, as well as a taste not very astringent, fruity and floral. This organic green tea will transport you to the shores of Lake Tai for a tea time.

Benefits and virtues of Chinese tea Pi Lo Chun

Like all green teas, Bi Luo Chun has beneficial powers for your health. Its infusions are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and theine. Each glass of this fragrant organic Chinese tea brings you energy to fight fatigue and restore your morale. Bi Luo Chun also contributes to weight loss and helps detoxify the body. With its subtle fruity taste, Pi Lo Chun organic Chinese tea is your perfect ally for your beneficial tea times.

Our tasting tips

How to prepare Pi Lo Chun Chinese tea?

To prepare a deliciously scented tea, let your organic product infuse for 2 to 3 minutes in hot water. You can make the infusion with a teapot or a gaiwan. Preferably in glass, to better appreciate the golden color of Bi Luo Chun. In China, it is common to put the mixture of leaves and buds directly into a glass of hot water, without filter.

How much Chinese Pi Lo Chun tea?

In order for the floral notes and fruity taste to reveal themselves, take 12 to 15 grams of organic product for a teapot containing one liter of water.

What is the ideal brewing temperature for Chinese Pi Lo Chun tea?

The preparation of your organic Chinese green tea starts with the right temperature. The water should be heated to between 75 and 80°C for brewing. Beyond that, you'll lose the sweet fruity aroma and give way to more herbal notes.

When to drink Pi Lo Chun Chinese tea?

This green tea of choice can be enjoyed all day long, especially during tea time. However, its infusions contain theine, so drinking it in the evening can disturb sleep.

Advantages of Chinese tea Pi Lo Chun in bulk

In boxes or bags, each package of Chinese tea Pi Lo Chun allows an optimal conservation. Our products are packaged in France to preserve their freshness. We pay particular attention to the choice of our ingredients. They are organic and of superior quality to offer you unique infusions.

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