Conseils de préparation

Preparation Tips

temps d'infusion

Infusion time
2-3 min

température d'infusion


Moment de la journée

Time of day
All day long


12-15g / L



Ingrédients biologiques

*Ingredients from organic farming :

Green tea Chun Mee, white tea Pai Mu Tan, rosemary, natural flavour, cornflower flowers, lavender.


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White tea rosemary lavender, the flavors of Provence

Once out of its metal box, our organic rosemary and lavender tea takes you to the heart of Provence. On a base of white tea Pai Mu Tan slightly sweetened, the organic infusion is adorned with the flavor of rosemary. Your palate melts under the scent of lavender flowers whose fresh aroma is enveloped in a note of vanilla. The blueberry flowers offer a honeyed finish. To succumb, dare a subtle creation with rose, mint, lemon or rooibos.

Benefits and virtues of rosemary lavender white tea

Like Chinese green tea leaves, organic Pai Mu Tan white tea is rich in antioxidants. This organic product promotes the reduction of bad cholesterol. Natural rosemary, not to be confused with thyme, has an antispasmolytic effect on the stomach and intestines. It also promotes urinary excretion. The herbal tea is completed with lavender of Provence. These small flowers contain sedative coumarins and antispasmodic esters. Like mint, lavender is commonly used against migraine and digestive disorders.

Our tasting tips

How to prepare the white tea rosemary lavender?

Once out of its metal box or bag, our organic white tea with rosemary and lavender is prepared with a little hot water. This flowery tea gets its flowery scent after 2 to 3 minutes.

How much rosemary lavender white tea?

To let the flavor of the lavender and cornflower flowers develop, we recommend using 12 to 15 grams of the mixture of ingredients for 1 liter of hot water.

What is the ideal infusion temperature for white rosemary lavender tea?

For a flowery tasting herbal tea, we suggestinfusing white rosemary lavender tea in a cup of water at 70-80 °C. Beyond that temperature, the heat risks denaturing the lavender and blueberry flowers.

When to drink rosemary lavender white tea?

Like rooibos, Chinese white tea is naturally low in theine. Therefore, our flowery-scented beverage can be consumed throughout the day, mainly to promote good digestion.

The benefits of loose white tea rosemary lavender

Loose, in a metal box or a bag, the white tea rosemary lavender benefits from an ideal packaging for its conservation. This packaging in a metal box or bag allows the use of beautiful pieces of fruit, flowers or leaves. Excellent value for money, the packaging in a metal box or bag helps maintain a rich natural aroma.

Why buy your rosemary lavender white tea on Thés & Traditions?

At Thés et Traditions, we choose 100% organic products at the right price. We pay attention to the details and the ingredients are listed on each box or bag. Our store offers a secure payment system. You have the choice between home delivery or delivery in a relay point. In all cases, the delivery of your box or bag is free from 45 euros of purchase on teas, boxes or accessories.

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