Boîte à thé

Among the accessories for storing tea are the famous tea tins. Usually made of metal, there are simple tea caddies and Japanese tea caddies. The latter are not only made of cherry wood or bamboo, but also of metal. Their particularity? They are decorated with washi paper. Presentation of these two leading products for the conservation of tea or herbal tea in bulk.

Store your tea in a metal tin to keep all its aroma

The metal tea tin is the ideal tin to store your tea or herbal tea in bulk. Tea leaves are very fragile, so you have to be careful with their conservation. A bad conservation of your tea will alter its aroma. Keeping your infusions in a metal tea box will ensure a quality tasting.
Several disturbing elements can alter the flavor of your tea and herbal tea in bulk.

  • Temperature: store your tea in a place that is neither too hot nor too cold.
  • Light: banish the glass box, the metal box is much more suitable.
  • Humidity: water is the enemy of your tea leaves as long as it is not there to infuse them.
  • Odors: keep your tea or herbal tea away from spices, coffee or chocolate.

The metal tea caddy helps to fight against all these factors that could affect the quality of your infusion. Opaque and airtight, it is ideal for storing your tea: whether you drink white, green, yellow or black tea. In a metal tea canister, you can continue to enjoy your tea for up to two years after purchase.

Storing tea is easy with a metal tea canister

The metal tea cad dy is sober in appearance. It is often available in a variety of colors. Its shape is usually cylindrical but the metal tea canister can also be square. Its lid differs, some are more fancy than others. Choose metal tea tins with 2 lids: one outside and one inside. The watertightness of your tin will be better.
The particularity of the metal tea tin is its aesthetic. Even if its appearance is simple, you can use it as a decorative element. On a shelf in your kitchen, high up, your collection of tea tins will be envied. Indeed, their waterproofness and opacity allow you to save the capacity of your tea boxes. You can therefore store them outside a cupboard (but away from the sun or your cooking areas as tea leaves do not like heat).
If the simplicity of the metal tea canister does not suit you, you can always opt for the purchase of Japanese tea cans. They are more whimsical in appearance and can also easily be a decorative item in your kitchen.

Keep your tea with fantasy thanks to the Japanese washi tea box

The Japanese washi tea caddy is perfect to decorate your kitchen, as long as you choose a less sober design than the simple metal tea caddy. The Japanese washi tea box is also made of metal. It has two lids for a good preservation of your infusions. Its particularity lies in the washi paper placed around the tea box. It is a handmade decoration, with a poetic look. The Japanese washi tea box is a bit like a luxury tea box, its aesthetics being a traditional Japanese art.
The Japanese tea box is therefore perfect to be stored high up, on shelves in your kitchen. Your guests will be amazed. There are many ways to decorate with washi paper. The Japanese tea box is often decorated with floral patterns and traditional Japanese motifs. From the brightest to the softest colors, from the lightest to the darkest, the Japanese washi tea box has different dimensions than the simple metal tea box. It is generally less wide and higher, which can be an asset for storage.
The tea box, simple or Japanese washi paper, is the ideal way to preserve your infusions. Moreover, its rigidity allows not to damage the tea leaves, contrary to tea bags. A real decorative object, it is available in different shapes, colors and patterns. What to delight each consumer of tea or herbal tea in bulk.

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