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3-5 min

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All day long


12g / L


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Pu Erh, the post-fermented tea from the mountains of Yunnan

Pu Erh or Puerh originates in the heart of the Yunnan region of China. In this land, tea growers harvest the leaves of wild tea bushes on the mountainside. These leaves form the Mao Cha. Depending on the manufacturing method used, different teas are obtained from Mao Cha: a green tea, called Sheng Cha, or a black tea, called Shu Cha. Pu Erh is often compressed in the form of a wafer or tuocha. It is also found in bulk, especially in the West. Our black Pu Erh tea is post-fermented and aged for 5 years. This production method gives it a unique woody taste, dried fruit notes and surprising earthy aromas. By letting your Yunnan black tea mature for a few more years, it improves and reveals unsuspected flavors.

The benefits and virtues of Pu Erh

Post-fermented Pu Erh infusions offer health benefits. This old Chinese tea is rich in various antioxidants. Its infusion helps lower bad cholesterol and aids in weight loss. In addition, the fermentation of the leaves makes this organic black tea excellent for digestion. With age, the leaves lose their concentration in theine. ThePu Erh infusion therefore has a lower theine content compared to other Chinese teas. The benefits of this high quality Yunnan Shu Cha tea are multiple. In addition to its action on digestion and cholesterol, its unique taste and its bewitching aromas will give you a moment of well-being.

Our tasting tips

How to prepare Pu Erh?

Place the Puerh Shu Cha leaves in a teapot and pour hot water. After 3 to 5 minutes, your infusion is ready for tea time.

How much Pu Erh?

To obtain a post-fermented black tea with a succulent taste and woody aromas, place 12 grams of organic product in a teapot with one liter of water.

What is the ideal brewing temperature for Pu Erh?

For the notes to come out of this old Chinese Puerh, brew it in boiling water, at 100°C.

When to drink Pu Erh?

This Puerh from China is a quality moment. Its production method and fermentation make it unique. Its powerful taste and aromatic notes are remarkable. In China, it is drunk on special occasions.
It can be drunk throughout the day, excellent for an original tea time. Low in theine, you can drink a cup in the evening.

Advantages of Pu Erh in bulk

Traditionally, the manufacture of Pu Erh involves compressing it in the form of a wafer or tuocha. However, our product is packaged in bulk. This does not alter its quality and the black tea continues its fermentation and aging without any problem. You can find it in bags or boxes. These packaging are optimal to allow the product to develop its taste and aromatic notes.

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