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Kukicha Kaede tea, from the oldest tea producing region in Japan

Originally produced in the Uji region of Japan, Kuchika was considered the tea of the poor. Indeed, its composition of stems and twigs remaining after the harvest of leaves gave it an image of inferior quality. Today, the reputation remains, except for Kuchika tea from Gyokuru.
Kukicha teas can be produced from Sencha, Bancha or Hojicha, but our Kukicha Kaede comes from Gyokuru. Its taste is powerful and very refreshing, with creamy notes, but also a touch of iodine reminiscent of maki seaweed (Nori).

Benefits and virtues of Kukicha Kaede tea

One of the particularities of Kuchika tea is that it is rich in minerals and trace elements, which gives it a positive effect on the metabolism. Its low caffeine content makes it an ideal drink for the whole family, also to be consumed before bedtime.
It is said to be an excellent recovery drink. It is also said to have appreciable qualities for people suffering from burn-out.

Our tasting tips

How to prepare Kukicha Kaede tea?

The best way to prepare Kukicha Kaede is to use a traditional Japanese (Kyushu) teapot . Put your mixture in the bottom of the pot, pour hot water slowly and let it brew. Unlike some other Japanese teas, Kukicha is not suitable for multiple infusions. Please do not reheat your Kukicha afterwards either.

How much Kukicha Kaede tea?

It is generally recommended to use 12-16 grams per liter of water to get a perfect infusion of your Kukicha. If you prefer smaller amounts, you can use one spoon per cup for your preparation.

What is the ideal brewing temperature for Kukicha Kaede tea?

The quality of our Kukicha, which it owes to Gyokuro, does not require a very high temperature. You can usewater heated between 60 and 70 °C and let your infusion rest for about 1.30 min, before tasting your tea.

When to drink Kukicha Kaede tea?

Due to its nature, you can drink it at any time of the day. Its soothing properties make it an excellent evening drink, thanks to its low caffeine content. Drunk cold, this tea is a refreshing drink, ideal for the summer, which will delight the whole house.

Benefits of Kukicha Kaede tea

Our premium quality organic Kukicha Kaede is available in zip lock bags or 50 gram metal tins to ensure freshness. Take care to store it with great care to preserve its rich aroma and powerful nature.

Why buy your Kukicha Kaede tea from Thés & Traditions?

At Thés & Traditions, we have chosen to offer teas from organic agriculture. All of them have been carefully selected, as well as our accessories, for your complete satisfaction. We also offer different quality organic blends, such as the Kukicha with Yuzu.
Our totally secure payment system allows you to place your order with complete peace of mind. Take advantage of the free delivery from 45 € and choose to receive your product at home or in relay point.

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