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3-5 min

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12-15g / L


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Assam black tea SFTGFOP 1 Tonganagaon: a rare tea with a delicate flavor

The best varieties of black tea are Assam, Darjeeling and Nilgiri from India, Keemum and Yunnan from China or Ceylon from Sri Lanka. Assam tea is the strongest in taste and is often used as a base for the preparation of earl grey. The SFTGFOP grade of Tonganagaon's organic Assam tea is superior to the TGFOP or FTGFOP grades and means that the selected leaves are of premium quality. The leaves are brown with golden tips and come from the first flush of spring. The color notes are mahogany and copper. The flavor of this organic tea, known to be full-bodied, is a balanced blend of spices and honey.

Benefits and virtues of Assam SFTGFOP black tea

First flush black teas are the most popular and generally contain more nutrients, antioxidants and theine than teas from other harvests of the year. Its properties help protect heart health and strengthen the immune system. The Tonganagaon tea garden located near the Namdapha nature reserve in India, known for its biodiversity, provides the ideal conditions for organic cultivation. By excluding pesticides and chemicals, the benefits of this tea are enhanced.

Our tasting tips

How to prepare Assam black tea

Black tea embodies a multitude of flavors and fragrant tastes (spicy, fruity, smoky, etc.). To preserve these properties, you can choose a high quality organic tea, preferably loose.

How much Assam black tea?

As with the other black teas in our selection, the recommended quantity of Assam organic tea is 12 to 15 grams per liter. The 50 grams packaging allows you to prepare more than 20 cups of tea.

What is the ideal brewing temperature for Assam black tea?

The preparation of Assam tea is ideally done with water low in minerals (filtered or bottled water) at a temperature of 95 °C or 100 °C. The recommended brewing time is 3 to 5 minutes, but can vary according to your desires.

When to drink Assam black tea?

Tonganagaon's organic black tea is an ideal morning drink and can be enjoyed plain or with a splash of milk. A delicious cup of this organic tea in the morning is a good start to a healthy and natural day!

Advantages of SFTGFOP Assam black tea in bulk

As the tea leaves are not washed before drying, organic farming allows us to preserve the ancestral methods of harvesting and manufacturing while preserving our health and biodiversity. Whether it is black, white, green or rooibos, the infusions of a tea sold in bulk and packaged in a zipped bag or metal box preserve its rich, aromatic or fragrant taste and its particular notes.

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