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3-4 min

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12-15g / L


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GFBOP Assam black tea: a quality product, powerful and fragrant

Between Assam and Darjeeling, India is distinguished by its large production of exceptional black teas. We offer you this succulent Golden Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe tea. It comes from the gardens of Sewpur, located in the region of Assam. Just the young leaves are picked, accompanied by golden buds. The tender leaves are then dried and crushed, to give you a unique flavor and a surprising aromatic note.
Theorganic infusion offers you a cup with a full-bodied and smoky taste. The tea, powerful and fragrant, leaves however soft and delicate notes. It can be drunk plain and is ideal for a quality tea time.

Benefits and virtues of GFBOP Assam black tea

Black teas from India, such as Assam and Darjeeling, are excellent for health and well-being. One cup provides antioxidants, which are essential for protecting your cells from free radicals. Antioxidants also have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, cholesterol and bones.
Just like a strong coffee, a cup of black tea gives you a good boost, thanks to the presence of theine. In addition, our organic tea from the Assam region is made from Orange Pekoe leaves. They are known to be of better quality and offer a better flavor.

Our tasting tips

How to prepare Assam GFBOP black tea?

To obtain a Golden Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe infusion, immerse the leaves in hot water for 3 to 4 minutes. Serve your organic black tea in a cup and enjoy it preferably plain, to appreciate its smoky aroma and delicate notes.

How much Assam GFBOP black tea should I use?

For our organic product, we recommend a dose of 12 to 15 grams of leaves, for one liter of black tea. For one cup, this is equivalent to a teaspoon of loose leaf. After a few minutes of infusion, the aromatic note is revealed and you can enjoy the flavor of the Indian tea gardens.

What is the ideal infusion temperature for Assam GFBOP black tea?

Black teas are brewed in boiling water at a temperature of 100°C. Our Indian tea is no exception to this rule. It is at this temperature that this black tea perfumes your cup and gives a powerful taste to the dark liquor.

When to drink Assam GFBOP black tea?

With its full-bodied taste and delicate aroma, our organic black tea is ideal for replacing your coffee at breakfast. The theine and the sweet notes wake you up in all lightness.

Benefits of GFBOP Assam black tea in bulk

Our Golden Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe black tea is organically and respectfully harvested. The leaves, of superior quality, are packaged in France to preserve their freshness. The available packaging, the metal box and the zipped bag, allow to preserve the flavor, the aroma and the virtues of the product.

Why buy your Assam GFBOP black tea on Thés & Traditions?

Order your box of black tea and get a free delivery from 45 euros of purchase. You can also take the opportunity to offerother teas for your next tea time. Our fully organic store offers, among others, black teas, such as Darjeeling and Ceylon, China teas and earl grey. The delivery of your box of black tea is done at home or in relay point. For your peace of mind, payment is guaranteed 100% secure.

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