boîte à thé métal

There are several ways to store your tea, among them: the tea canister which can be made of metal or wood. Preserving tea in a metal can is the best solution to keep all the flavors of your tea. Why choose a metal tin to store your tea in bulk? Metal tins are ideal for storing your tea. In addition, it can be used for all tastes, making it a beautiful decorative accessory for your kitchen.

Tea conversation in a metal tin to keep its aromas

The metal tea caddy will be your best ally to keep your tea, infusions and herbal teas in bulk. With its cylindrical shape, the capacity of the metal tea tin is kept safe. Choose a metal can with 2 lids: a main lid and a secondary lid. This way, the taste of your tea is not altered.
Indeed, several factors can have an impact on the aroma of your teas:

  • humidity;
  • light ;
  • temperature;
  • odors.

White tea, green tea or yellow tea will prefer the cylindrical box because they are more fragile than black tea. Moreover, the preservation of tea in a metal can also limits the degradation of the leaves. The sturdiness of the tin is an additional asset to prefer it to the preservation of tea in bags. Indeed, your loose tea is more protected in a metal can.
The bag is certainly a space saver, but the tea leaves will tend to break unlike the capacity of a metal can. If it is more difficult to store them in your cupboards, metal tea tins can be transformed into decorative accessories.

Storing tea in a metal tin to decorate your kitchen

The metal tea canister is often cylindrical in shape. This particularity is not always adapted to store all your teas in your cupboards. Rest assured, the metal tea canister can be a nice decorative object for your kitchen. Metal tea tins come in a variety of colors and shapes (although their lids are generally cylindrical, sometimes square).
If your cupboards are overflowing, don't hesitate to devote a small wall shelf to your metal tea tins. Storing tea in a metal tin is ideal. Its opacity allows you to store your cylindrical tins in full view of your guests. However, choose a place where the sun will not alter the taste of your loose tea. Tea leaves don't like heat.
If your tea tins are stacked: take your empty tins with you when you buy loose tea in the future. You can refill them. However, don't forget to wash them first if you are not using the same tea leaves. Otherwise, your new brew may be tainted by the smell of the old one.
Storing tea in a metal tin allows you to enjoy it for up to two years after purchase. You increase the life of your tea by storing it in a metal can. In addition to being an ideal solution for storing your tea, herbal tea or infusion, the metal tea tin can become a decorative accessory for your kitchen.

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